Hand in Hand: empowering individuals to become Independent with Compassionate outpatient Therapy and creating barrier-free Home Transformations. 


At Compassionate Therapies, we understand that each person is unique, with individual strengths, aspirations, and obstacles. Drawing from my own experience living independently with a disability, I've heard the words 'you get it' from patients. With this in mind, my mission is to provide exceptional services tailored to your individuality, fostering a supportive environment where you're celebrated for who you are. We don't see just a diagnosis; we see resilient individuals determined to embrace life despite challenges.


Margarita "Rita" connelly, cota/l, chat

I grew up in New York with Spina Bifida, a disability that shaped my determination from a young age. Despite early challenges, my mother's unwavering support and my own tenacity led me to embrace life without limitations. Schooling alongside peers with disabilities fostered my passion for occupational therapy, drawn to its holistic approach and problem-solving mindset. 

Although life led me through a legal career, marriage, and adopting children from China and Ethiopia, I always felt a calling to return to my true passion. Inspired by my late mother's spirit, I pursued occupational therapy, where I found fulfillment in connecting deeply with patients and helping them achieve their goals. My journey has reinforced my belief that perseverance and empathy can transform lives. Now, as I embark on this next chapter, I bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to my practice. I am dedicated to understanding and celebrating each individual I work with, guiding them with compassion and unwavering support. I believe in the power of resilience and joy, showing others that giving up is never the answer in the face of illness or disability. Let's connect, and together, we'll discover the path forward towards a life filled with possibilities.


Occupational therapy (OT) supports individuals of all ages facing physical, cognitive, or sensory challenges in reclaiming independence in their lives. OTs assess and treat people affected by injuries, illnesses, or disabilities, enabling them to develop, recover, improve, and maintain essential skills for daily living and work. Below, you'll find some of the many areas where OT can provide assistance. At Compassionate Therapies, our aim is for you to feel empowered throughout your journey, ensuring we meet your physical, emotional, and social needs. We are a dedicated team committed to celebrating every milestone with you 

Initial consultations via phone or video call.

An OT will visit your home, assess your needs and discuss short-term and long-term goals

Modifications can include grab bars, adding accessible rooms to inside and outside modifications including ramps

Therapeutic exercise, practicing skills needed for independence or using aids to assist with tasks

Kitchen modification, energy conservation techniques, use of assistive devices, cognitive planning using reliable routines and memory aids

OT assists patients with finding ways to continue activities they find important - may include adaptive equipment and safe positioning alternatives

From bathing to dressing and getting ready for the day, we find strategies that will work within you ability using grab bars, modifying the environment, adaptive tools to assist with dressing and bathing

OTs assist patients with mobility training, working on strength and balancing, recommendations for equipment

Techniques that will assist with caregiving and play such as alternate strategies, equipment and adapting environment

Techniques to engage in your favorite activities such using alternative seating, adaptive equipment or modifying environment

We offer self pay options for consultations with caregivers to prepare for future modifications and insurance covered caregiver training when OT services are needed for your loed one.