When I started meeting with Sofia, I really had no idea what to expect. As a student of psychotherapy, I was vaguely familiar with her approach, but not enough to feel like I knew what the process might feel like. Sofia was extremely compassionate, calm, and patient with me as she explained her modality, encouraged me to explore what I was hoping to gain from our sessions, and the general feeling of our space together. Her warmth and kindness instantly held me to a new standard of warmth and kindness towards myself every time we met…and in between sessions! Looking at myself through her lens helped me identify some of the harder to handle parts  and really helped me take a look at my soul with a much more loving lens. I cannot thank her enough for our time together. Feeling truly seen, for better or for worse, is an experience that takes your whole being by storm. Sofia saw me as I am and I cherish that experience dearly.

  ~ Lacy W.

The way Sofia witnesses and holds space for my parts is profoundly nourishing. It helps me reconnect with my discovery and playfulness.” 

~ Megumi B.

Sofia is a natural-born healer and practitioner. I have profoundly benefited from Sofia’s expertise in both Internal Family Systems (IFS) and somatic/body work. I came to see Sofia for the first time about nine years ago when I was experiencing chronic nerve pain in my left hip and leg. I had seen a neurologist and completed a round of physical therapy with little to no improvement. Sofia provided somatic and body energy work that led to a remission of the nerve pain on the left side of my body. I’ve also benefited from Sofia’s work as an IFS practitioner. She helped me to unpack and embrace past developmental traumas resulting from childhood abuse and neglect. Sofia brings years of expertise to her healing practices, coupled with genuine warmth, presence, and sincerity. My health has improved and my chronic pain has lessened from my time working with her. I could not recommend someone more highly!

  ~ Paul S.

As I write this testimonial I write it with the warmest of emotions from my experience during my session with Sofia. Her unique approach to healing was very inviting and very gentle. As the client expressing myself and my emotions I was able to say as much or as little as I felt I needed to say without any feeling of being pressured for more. Her kind and gentle input made the interaction feel safe. I appreciate her genuine care, listening and most of all, her acceptance. For anyone needing a safe place for emotional healing I would recommend her.

 ~ Devon H.

Sofia has helped me on my healing journey over the years as she led A Course in Miracles (ACIM) meetings, workshops, retreats, and in personal healing sessions. She creates a very safe, comfortable space. She asks insightful, intuitive questions and makes suggestions that have helped me to access my inner wisdom and to look at my life in a different way, which has brought me much peace and happiness.

 ~ Melissa M.