Saturday Activities

“Humans have four roots and one is compassion. These roots are present in all human beings. They need to be cultivated in order to flourish, just like plants require water to grow.”

Chinese philosopher - Mengzi

These connection sessions are part of our work to show compassion as action and invite you to build connections with one another.

Enjoy and connect.

SEE Change

Students will be working with the following organizations that ACS-Amman have pledged support to the SEE: Change Program (community service program)

Ruwwad Al Tanmia

Collateral Repair Project

Reclaim Childhood

All participants will connect with one another through four sessions.

Connections through Names: Story Sharing

Connections through Movement: Dance, Soccer, Basketball, Yoga

Connections through Art: Tee Shirts and Mural Painting

Connections through Play: Drama, Tech, Interactive Games

Activity 1: Story Telling Through Names (10AM -11AM)

“To say the name is to begin the story”

according to the Swampy Cree Indians.

Telling about our names was my way of saying up front that the members of the class are part of the curriculum — their names, their stories, their histories, their lives count,” writes Rethinking Schools editor Linda Christensen. We will begin our story together by saying our names — and by telling the history of how we came to have them. Our names carry our history, our culture and our worldviews. Who named us? Why did they give us this name? What does it mean? What’s the story of our first/middle/surname? By sharing these stories through the means of art in small mixed groups of 10-12, students with break the ice and begin conversations for connections.

Here is the link to the art project aspect.

Activity II Rotations (11AM - 1PM)

Students will be grouped into 3 groups and will rotate between three connection options. They will spend 35 minutes in each station with 10 minute passing times. Within each option, students will need to make choices of available stations according to space available. All participants can leave with a tee shirt and have added to the mural. These art activities will extend into the lunch time as necessary.