You favorite Ai assistant directly from your computer

Select between Chat GPT and Google Gemini
and start using Ai now.

How do I select between Chat GPT and Google Gemini?

Right-click the "spark ✨" icon on your tray bar to open the menu of options. Click the "Select companion" option to open the selector page.

How do I make Companion Ai start with my Mac?

Click the "apple 🍎" menu at the top left corner of your screen, select "System Settings...", look for "General > Login Items".
Click the ➕ button under the "Open at Login".
Look for the location where you have Companion Ai installed (usually under the Applications folder).
Select the "Companion-Ai" application.
Done, next time you restart your computer Companion Ai will automatically be available to you.

How do I hide/show Companion Ai?

Simply click the "spark ✨" icon on your tray bar to show/hide Companion Ai.


Version 0.0.5 (10/5/2023)

Version 0.0.1 (9/30/2023)

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