Computational Syntax

Master of Language Technology course LT2204

University of Gothenburg, Spring 2017

Notice that the lecture and lab of 23 May have been moved to 19 May - see TimeEdit!

Notice the change of lecture rooms on 5 May and onwards - see TimeEdit!

Course responsible: Aarne Ranta

Teaching assistant: Herbert Lange

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GF book slides:

Schema in TimeEdit:


Each lecture is around 2 hours. In addition, there are supervised tutorials (in TimeEdit, the ones in Lab4 are tutorials)

To get accepted, one has to pass the exam and do two assignments. The exam is on 1 June at 8:00-11 in Folkets hus. It will have the same format as last year's exam:

Assignments (details coming soon):

1. A Mini resource grammar, to be completed in May

2. Either an Extended Mini Resource or an application grammar, to be completed before Midsummer

    • to be specified soon