Comp Music Lab

Welcome to our lab!

Welcome to the CompMusic Lab for comparative and computational musicology! We aim to use science to promote cross-cultural diversity and understanding. Our research has appeared in such outlets as Nature, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , Music Perception, and Ethnomusicology, and has been covered by media including NPR, the New York Times, Billboard, NBC News, and The Economist. You can see some examples of who we are and what we do on this site.

If you are interested in applying to join the lab, please email Patrick Savage including a CV, academic transcript, and short (<1 page) description of your research interests and how they fit with the lab. We encourage applicants from all backgrounds – especially from historically underrepresented groups. Please read through our lab manual to get a sense of what life in our lab is like and what our expectations are for potential lab members, funding options, etc.

Our Research Groups

Social Harmony

Exploring the relationship between music and cooperation


(Cross Cultural Music Information Retrieval)

Investigating automated methods of analyzing and comparing all the world's music

Music Copyright

Evaluating music copyright infringement cases quantitatively


Studying relationships between music and emotions

Music and Evolution

Studying the biological and cultural evolution of music across cultures and species

Contact Us

Email Dr. Patrick Savage at psavage [at]