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Leave a voice message 02 8250 1605

Postal: PO Box 391, Jannali NSW 2226

We meet:

Please check Events + Calendar first

2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month at the Como Hotel

35 Cremona Road, Como NSW (Sutherland Shire)


Meals from $16.00 - our company is free!

Club Officers

President: Terry Bougass

President Elect: Stephen Lovison

Secretary: Ian Koln

Treasurer: Tony Jackson

Membership: Stephen Lovison

Sergeant: Ron Lawrence

Our Crews

Vintage Fair Manager: Terry Bougass

Social Media/PR: Stephen Lovison

You can reach Club Directors by addressing correspondence to the Club Secretary.

Past Club Presidents

2017/18: Terry Bougass

2016/17: Terry Bougass

2015/16: Stephen Lovison

2014/15: Donna White

2013/14: Charles Mille

2012/13: Lyn Bates

2011/12: Stephen Lovison

2010/11: Diane Curtis/Dianne Yates

2009/10: John Eades

2008/09: Mikall Chong

2007/08: John Davies

2006/07: Diane Curtis

2005/06: Pauline Fulton

2004/05: Trish Cornwell

2003/04: David Bates

2002/03: Dianne Yates

2001/02: Paul Ippolito

2000/01: Brian Lacey

1999/00: Barry Robinson

1998/99: John Eades

1997/98: Elaine (Lytle) Spinnochia

1996/97: Trevor Morrissey

1995/96: Allison Pitkin

1994/95: John Horder

1993/94: Tony Jackson

1992/93: Alan Hewson

1991/02: Ken Brown

1990/01: Rick Moffitt [Charter President]

Past District Governors

2003/04: Elaine Lytle