Rain Water

Rain Water Harvesting

Safety is important when using Rain Water to water your garden! As the water is not sterilized, there is always a risk of bacteria getting into the water. Gardeners should take precaution by:

  • Use a "do not drink" sign on your water collection system to remind people it is not drinkable.

  • Water the soil not the plant to avoid getting potential bacteria from the water on your plants.

  • Washing your hands and produce well with potable water before eating can remove up to 98% of bacteria.

  • Some people recommend using a 3 part water and 1 part vinegar to further clean their produce.

  • Keep the rainwater tank clean and free of debris – have the water tested.

  • Keep the rainwater tank in a shaded area as the warmth of the sun may encourage bacteria growth.

  • Use a fine screen of about 1.2 mm. to prevent any insects or debris from getting into any open rain water system.

  • Paint your water collection system a dark colour to prevent growth of Algae

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