About Us


The Waterloo Region Community Garden Network (WRCGN) is an incorporated Not For Profit. Originally it was called the WR Community Garden Council until it incorporated a few years ago. WRCGN meets the third Tuesday of every month except for July and sometimes we do not meet in August or December. We do remain available during those months. Our meetings are open to the public. You can visit the WRCGN Minutes page on the web site to view previous meeting notes.


VISION We envision a strong and supportive infrastructure enabling residents to have equitable access to opportunities to grow and harvest their own food in a sustainable manner.

MISSION OF THE WATERLOO REGION COMMUNITY GARDEN NETWORK: WRCGN will promote and assist with the sustainability of community gardens throughout Waterloo Region for all those who wish to garden. WRCGN will function in ways that contribute to achieving the climate change goals of the Region and work from an equity, diversity, and inclusion lens.

About Waterloo Region Community Garden Network

A community garden is a place where a group of people can gather and work together to plant, harvest and enjoy the things they want to plant. A community garden is managed by the members of that garden.

Community gardens develop when people with a desire to grow their own food form a group with the goal of forming a community garden. They find available land and often secure access to that land with the help of WRCGN. Garden members till and plant the gardens, maintain the gardens, harvest, and clean-up, to prepare the garden for the winter. Gardeners can achieve most their gardening goals without outside help.

The Waterloo Region Community Garden Network can help with resources and information. WRCGN will promote and support community gardens within Waterloo Region. WRCGN promotes gardens through our work towards supportive municipal policies. We often attend local food events in the region to increase awareness of community gardens and to maintain a connection with the local food community.

WRCGN support for community gardens comes in many forms:

  • We help people to start community gardens (e.g., letters of support, checklists,

  • information resources etc.) Liaise with municipalities and other resources.

  • We help community gardens connect with other gardens with events

  • We help connect people to available plots in community gardens through the website

  • We help with compost information and access

  • We represent gardens at municipal and Regional meetings for issues including funding

  • We work towards accessible gardening for people with physical challenges that may

  • make traditional gardening difficult (e.g., wheelchair accessible raised garden beds)

  • We work towards gardening that is ethno-culturally inclusive

  • We work towards gardening that is socioeconomically inclusive (e.g., annual cost for a

  • garden plot should be based on ability to pay and as need to fund the needs of the garden)

Volunteering with WRCGN

How does WRCGN achieve the goals of the Network? By bringing together the people that care about community and gardening. We have people from all walks of life join and we are looking for more people with different goals and skills. We have a variety of positions with the flexibility to adapt positions to unique candidates.


  • Volunteering provides the opportunity to support an organization which provides valuable services to the community

  • The WRCGN Board is a working Board. As a Director of the Board you will have the opportunity to Network and to work with others who are committed and passionate about gardening and the community and health benefits

  • You will be able to hone your own interpersonal and management skills and increase your knowledge of community activities related to food systems and food justice.

Consider this an open invitation to attend a WRCGN meeting and get involved! Visit the “Get Connected” section of the website for more information.