6Dec2018 Strategic Messaging

Strategic Messaging Guidelines*

Name Problem w/ Agents

(Problem Is Person Caused & Needs A Person Fix.)

Begin Aspirational, Name Problem w/ Agents, Present Solutions

Create Something Good, Not Just Ameliorate Harms

(Don’t Repeat The Opposition’s Story; No Negation)

Inspire Through Outcome, Not Process

(There Has To Be A Dream. Don’t Dwell On Policy.)

Engage Base, Persuade Middle & Distance Opposition

How Might You Disseminate This Message?

*based on lecture by Anat Shenker-Osorio at ResistanceSchool.com

Here's the list of positive outcomes that we generated together. Below are the positive outcomes that groups chose to focus on for strategic messaging.

Equal Opportunity For All, Livable Earth, Fair Elections, Health Care For All, A Caring Culture, Fair Taxation, Affordable Housing, Second Chances, Servant Leadership, Supporting Civil Encampments, Quality Education For All, A World Safe From Nuclear Weapons, Preserve Ecosystems, Civil Society, Citizen Engagement.

Health Care For All

We need to expand access to affordable health care for all. Possible solutions include: Link health care to community stakeholders - a web of care, incentivize healthy habits, health education - e.g. at food banks, technology - e.g. AI triage, apps, publicize successful models / systems.

Second Chances

All people deserve second chances. The legislature will reinstate parole for aging prisoners, those who have aged out of crime. Consider showing a documentary about aging prisoners at March Communities Rising meeting and discussing this topic. Other solutions: stipended housing & community services, removing barriers to community participation, connecting to community with community college, with having mentors and with being mentors.

Affordable Housing For All

Housing is a pressing issue for Seattle and will impact the upcoming Seattle City Council elections. Middle- and low-income people in Seattle need affordable housing; part of the problem is increasing property taxes. Solutions include: upzoning, fairer taxes, safe places for homeless and their neighbors, treatment rather than punishment for drug / alcohol addiction & mental illness.

Livable Planet

Let's work together to take charge of clean energy for a healthy planet, for clean air & water, abundant food and productive soil to support people now and for future generations.

Fair Elections

We had a favorable course correction in the 2018 Mid-Term elections but need more correction in 2020. Fair elections are necessary for citizen belief in the legitmacy of our government. Currently our elections are threatened by GOP gerrymandering and voter suppression, by Russian influence and by dark money. Solutions include: automatic voter registration, mail in paper ballots, disclosure of Super-PAC donors, disclosure of candidate taxes, and restoration of the Voting Rights Act. Dissolution of the Electoral College seems desirable but seems difficult to achieve.