Common Quotes

David Weller, aka poetspirit; about me

Being everybody does not make you, you.

To win an election as a "winner" does not make him/her the most eligible!

Confidence beats out success every single time...

By definition, promises made are not promises kept.

well to know the non weapon of those who know

A poem can keep you from reading a whole book.

greed need is a seed of the weed

Great music is the master of sense.

A secular work can be quite sacred in reception.

Life is always a sign of hope; let life sustain us to just and right solutions.

doubt that we own the sun and all of its brightness and we will be right less

Fighting against "them" denies the topic at hand, rendering power.

Awards and the rest, bestowed on the very best, don't end with the quest.

When I hear "I love," I hear heart with joy and grace, love that is action.

The future is bright to those who see the present and forgive the past.

Intellectual honesty is the road to ambition.

Make good with the Earth. Nature gives more than you think. It's God's, we're stewards.

You can't try to be happy; it is a given of love.

Approach your goal while living in the present.

Reform your vanity or inform insanity.

Happiness stays when God's obeyed.

Abuse is used when help's refused.

You're kind when your passions unwind.

Tall the tale when meanings fail.

Sweet is said whenever well-paid.

You're elite when weaned from streets.

Wise are those needing more knowledge.

God has meant, won His argument.

Pleased is work done, love won.

A bongo beat raises tired feet.

All quotations are by David Weller, aka poetspirit (profile)