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Tracy And Jodi Mullins
@Drift Wood Beach

Hello, I'm Tracy Mullins and Welcome!  

My story is pretty simple yet very common. I broke from the W2 lifestyle at the age 55 in 2021. The universe had other plans for me.  🤣

I spent over 30 years as an EMT First Responder.  It was an amazing career. I saw and did so many amazing and scary things.  The lives I touched and those lives who touched me I will never forget. 

It gave me a very unique view on life. 

But a change was needed.  I just didn't see it. 

Covid came along and changed everything. It took me down a road I wasn't willing to continue on. 

The Universe won! 

Thank God!!!

My journey to where I am now took many turns but I never gave up.  I had a dream to not work for anyone except myself for the rest of my life.  

I had work to do...

My wife Jodi kept me on track and provided the support I needed to NEVER give up even when I wanted too.  

She was there 30-years ago when I started my EMT career and now on my new journey.  🥰

It really boils down to three things really....  

1) Pick one niche, focus only on it, and build a list of people interested in that niche. 

2) Provide value to your customers and solve problems to help them. 

3) Find a Mentor who is where you want to be in life and learn from them.


Now, I make a comfortable 6-figures a year from home and traveling and working from wherever, whenever I want.

Why are you here?

Over the last few years, I have introduced 1000's of people to making money online.  The succes rate is low.  Sadly, it is because of mindset and expectations.

Most see making online line as a get-rich-quick plan. That is simply not true.  

If you want to be succesful think of this as a business and commit to stick with it no matter what. 

Could you see success faster. Ya. But be realitic. We often over commit ourselves and don't realize the work needed.

If you have a budget of around $250 a month I can show you a way to change your life forever.  If that is tight then come back when you have that.  Don;t spend money you don't have.

Soooo what now?  

To get you started on your journey, I will personally mentor you.  If that freaks you out then agin this may not be for you.  

I will work with you personally and give you access to the exact tools and resources me and others on our team are using to build our online income. 

Sound good? 

Follow the 3-Steps below!

I look forward to meeting and working with you!


Follow These 3 Easy Steps To Get Started!

Step 2

Step 3

Watch your email and phone I will reach out to you once I am notified of you joining $98 Unlimted to set-up next steps!

I will help you with the following:

Email me if you have questions:

Congrats you are on your way!!!