Commerce Cares Recycling

Volunteers for a clean up day

Volunteers gathered on a chilly day to clean up leaves and trash around the containers!

Thank you for recycling!

Due to the success of our partnership with the University and our new location, members of the community are now welcome to drop off their recycling at any time throughout the month.

  • The bins are unmonitored (except for the the TAMUC Police Department Cameras)!

  • The success of our program is dependent on everyone. So, if you have questions about allowable items or if you see issues that need to be addressed, such as trash dumping or bins that need to be emptied, please send an email to

It is easier than ever… No need to sort! Single Stream Recyling


What can be recycled?

Materials Accepted:

Plastic - milk jugs, liter bottles, shampoo bottles, etc. Plastic bags are accepted if marked with a recycling symbol.

Please remove all caps

Glass – All colors of glass bottles and jars accepted. No plate glass, ceramics or mirrors.

Please no building materials.

Metal – All metal food and beverage cans. Please remove and discard lids. Please rinse clean.

Paper – Newspapers, catalogs, and magazines. Do not bundle with string. No wet paper.

Junk Mail, cardboard, mixed household paper, etc. – No tissues, wet paper, or paper contaminated with food products accepted. All cardboard must be broken down as much as possible (flattened). Please place large flattened boxes in the wire bins.

Materials Not Accepted:

Batteries of any kind, bubble wrap, chemicals, diapers, food soiled boxes (like pizza boxes), paint, hardback books, hazardous household waste and toxic containers, kitchen waste, foil, motor oil containers, cooking oil containers, plastic take out containers and utensils, tires, trash, waxed cartons, window glass, yard waste, spray cans, building materials.



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Check Republic DFW's One page flyer or check out the resource Republic uses from Recycling Simplified:

recycling guide republic.pdf