Much like CEOs, comedians are simultaneously the most powerful and the most vulnerable person in the room... and I should know! A full-time professional comic for over 12 years, I also host the "Comedian's Comedian" podcast ("absolutely riveting" - Guardian), a forensic investigation into the habits and processes of over 300 of the best comics in the world.

I love sharing everything I've learnt about the cultivation of resilience, problem-solving under pressure, and the creative process.

"In every walk of life, people struggle with poor mental health and imposter syndrome. One way of tackling this is developing resilience in the workplace (and our personal lives). Stu has an entertaining and engaging approach that people can relate to, with practical steps to take to become more resilient people. Amazing session, thanks Stu!"

Phil Szomszor, Director, Harvard

underminers / hecklers

How do you cope with that person who rephrases your contribution?

the nature of resilience

How can you learn to be more resilient in work and life?

I'm excited about making a tangible difference to your business, with a fun and inspiring presentation stuffed with useful tools you and your staff can start using right away. I like to explore what I call the "sharp" end and the "blunt" end of resilience; how to cope with both the piercing crisis, and the dull thud of the aftermath...

I've spoken to lawyers, software developers, advertisers, marketers, charity workers, and soon you! Contact for more details.

"A funny and impactful session on resilience, with plenty of interesting content and new perspectives from the comedy world. Everyone in the team left with some fresh ideas and the humour gave us a real morale boost!"

Helen Newman, a senior manager at PwC

"Not the standard business talk!

It avoided all of the jargon and lingo that can often be heard in talks like this, and that made it far more relatable and enjoyable!"

Damian Tichbourne, Computershare

"It was a wonderful session - entertaining and actionable at the same time."

Justin Van Fleet, TheirWorld

"Brilliant! Very engaging, some great tips to apply in day to day work, and very funny."

Audience member, Pensions Conference 2019


"Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled"

"Russell Howard's Stand Up Central"

"Just For Laughs Montreal"

And you can watch my recent appearance on Conan (USA) here!


I'm regularly booked to host and perform at award ceremonies and corporate events, for people like Hospital Club, Bank of America, British Telecom,, The Charity Retail Association, and many many more. Corporate resume on request from


I'm the regular studio warm-up comic for BBC1's The Graham Norton show, which is even more fun than it sounds!

live stand-up

When not on tour or at a festival, I work in comedy clubs and theatres all over Britain and the world. Click here to see my live club dates.

the comedian's comedian podcast

Explore my multi-million download "Comedian's Comedian" podcast, in which I interview my comedy colleagues in depth about their creative processes.