COMEDY INSIGHTS:What the world’s best comedians can teach you about resilience and AUTHENTICity

with Stuart Goldsmith

Comedian, Interviewer and Speaker

I’ve interviewed over 350 of the world’s best standup comics

They drive to a distant town. They stand on stage, alone. They get heckled. They have awkward silences. Often they bomb. Then they drive home alone. And do the same the following night.

The one thing they have in common is that they keep going.

In this 40min session (+Q&A), carried out over video conferencing, I’ll teach you how they handle resilience. The following video gives you a bit more detail…

"It was brilliant! We’ve done quite a bit of online training over the past 10 weeks, but the calibre of Stuart’s was way above anything we’ve had yet. He was incredibly engaging – and it was very, very smooth!!"

Katie de Cozar, CC Group (presentation via Zoom)

Comedians have one thing in common—and it’s not that they are naturally funny. In fact, many of them struggled for years before they became good at it.

Their superpower is that they are resilient. They don’t just handle setbacks; they thrive on them. Throughout those years of pain and struggle, they keep going.

Like an executive, a comedian is simultaneously the most powerful and the most vulnerable person in the room. I should know! I’ve been a professional comic for over 12 years, and I also host the “Comedian's Comedian” podcast ("Absolutely riveting" – Guardian), in which I interview my comedy friends about the habits and processes that help them to create - and cope.

I love sharing everything I’ve learnt about cultivating resilience, authenticity, and problem-solving under pressure.

His delivery was faultless, informative and funny too. It’s not an easy gig to deliver a virtual presentation to CEOs across the globe. We would thoroughly recommend Stuart for any event; I certainly could watch him every night of the week!”

Kasia Joniec, HG Capital

"Stu has an entertaining and engaging approach that people can relate to, with practical steps to take to become more resilient people. Amazing session, thanks Stu!"

Phil Szomszor, Director, Harvard PR

I'm excited about making a tangible difference to your business, with a fun and inspiring presentation stuffed with useful tools you and your staff can start using right away. I like to explore what I call the "sharp" end and the "blunt" end of resilience; how to cope with both the piercing crisis in the moment, and the dull thud of the aftermath...

I've spoken to lawyers, software developers, advertisers, marketers, charity workers, and soon you! Contact for more details.

“We booked Stu to talk to our team about resilience and the feedback from all attendees was incredibly positive. Stu is an engaging speaker who mixes humour with brilliant advice, his session sparked many thoughts and conversation points that we wouldn’t normally discuss together as colleagues and it encouraged people to open up as they considered implementing some of the techniques discussed to improve resilience. Thanks Stu!”

Matt Evans, Comms Lead for major FMCG company (Presentation delivered via Zoom)


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