Columbus Pre-School

COVID Safety Plan

As a preschool licensed by the NYC DOHMH, our governing agency, we are mandated to adhere to its guidance. Columbus Pre-School has designated field officiers at the DOHMH and receives regular updates if/when policies and mandates change.

*Please note that Columbus Pre-School is NOT governed by the NYC DOE or the NYS DOH, and because of the ages of students in attendance, is desginated as childcare, not P-12 school. Guidance between agencies is often nuanced and differentiated, so please always reach out to the administration if you have any questions about current Columbus Pre-School policies.

This microsite is designed to be a living document of the most recent guidelines for our community. Please find on each page the most updated policies for our school for everything COVID-related. This is an ever-evolving site, as is COVID itself and regulations/guidelines surrounding it set forth by our governing agencies. This site will be updated accordingly to reflect best practices.

*Last updated 9/1/22