ColourFull Abilities

ColourFull Abilities is based on unceded Kaurna Land. ColourFull Abilities acknowledges that the lands on which we live and work on are unceded Aboriginal lands.

ColourFull Abilities recognises that our LGBTQIA+ spaces are still on a journey of decolonisation, and commits to working together to decolonise LGBTQIA+ and disability spaces. 

Always was, Always will be Aboriginal Land.

Progressive Pride Flag. The main part of the flag is made up on horizontal stripes of different colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. On the left side, there is a triangle pointing towards the middle of the flag. This triangle is made of angular stripes. From the inside out the colours are: pink, light blue, brown and black. The flag brings together the colours from the Rainbow Flag, the Trans Flag and the Philadelphia Flag (which is the a rainbow flag with black and brown stripes at the top, to represent people of colour).
Aboriginal Flag: The flag is horizontally and equally divided into a black region (above) and a red region (below); a yellow disc is superimposed over the centre of the flag.
Disability Pride flag: A charcoal grey flag bisected diagonally from the top left corner to the lower right right corner by five parallel stripes in red, pale gold, pale grey, light blue, and green.

We are a LGBTQIA+ specific Disability Support Service

ColourFull Abilities is an organisation that focuses on the coming together of people from multiple diverse groups in particular people with a disability and members of LGBTQIA+ communities. We aim to increase social and community participation for individuals with a NDIS plan, and provide a safe space for people to accept themselves for who they are whilst achieving their personal goals.

Services that we offer

Individual Support:

In-Home Support & Personal Care

Support to Access the Community


Social Groups

Arts Therapy

LGBTQIA+ Disability Inclusive Training


Video Description

[Video Description:  Video starts with a Sydney World Pride, dynamic graphic with states “Live and Proud”. Behind the writing is mostly black and grey line-art, mixing First Nations and queer symbology. A few of those symbols are instead drawn in colour, including a rainbow, an Aboriginal flag contained in a heart, and the commonly used First Nations symbol for corroboree. There is a rainbow and glittery version of the ABC logo in the bottom right corner, which remains there for the entirety of the video.

There is a group of six people walking across River Torrens Footbridge in Adelaide. They are all fair skinned. In the background, the Adelaide Convention Centre and Karrwirra Parri (the River Torrens) are visible. The individuals walking are wearing colourful and vastly different clothes, except for two individuals who are both wearing the ColourFull Abilities t-shirt, which is white with the logo on the top right of the front and placed large on the back. There are two individuals with wheelie walkers.

Viewers are introduced to Jess Elsgeood (she/her), Director, ColourFull Abilities, who is saying the following:

“Greetings from ColourFull Abilities, and sunny Adelaide.

The Queer community of Adelaide is quite a tight knit community. I founded the organisation to provide support for-to marginalised groups of people, the disability community and the LGBTQIA+ community.

It’s about accessibility and without people knowing and being respectful and accepting and affirming, it’s not safe to just go anywhere.

So World Pride to me is a celebration of people who can be themselves, coming together- IIt hasn’t always been that way, and we have a space to be safe and celebrated.”

Jess’ words are overlaid over video of the six individuals walking across the bridge and then around a fountain, with occasional close-ups of their faces or details on their clothes/accessories/accessibility aides. The close-ups are as follows:

An individual with a backwards cap and some fiery hair poking through the edge of the cap. They are wearing a t-shirt which says “Not A Girl”, a button-up shirt over the top of that with mallard ducks and a red and white mushroom around their neck. | A wheelie walker being used as a walking aide, with stickers covering the seat, a pink scarf around the front bar and a small white bicycle basket attached to the side arm. | Jess spacking, with glitter on her face next to her eyes, and she is wearing a ColourFull Abilities t-shirt. Her hair is brown, wavy and sits by her shoulders. | The back of a ColourFull Abilities t-shirt with the logo in full view. The ColourFull Abilities logo is an explosion of pastel colours emulating a rainbow; the colours are from left to right, blue, indigo, pink, red, orange, yellow and green. The blue, pink and yellow take up the most space, and all the colours blend together. The main focus is the white line drawing, which is an amalgamation of the following symbols: disability, female, intersex, male, neurodivergency. As each of the symbols have circular aspects, they are all interlinked in a row, like a chain. | A big pronoun badge which says “He” and “They”. The badge is handmade and the underneath is a sparkly red. The pronouns letters are in differing colours. There are various sizes of googly eyes on the edge of the red. The badge is bordered by rainbow tulle material loosely shaped around the red circle. The camera moves up and shows the same individual as before with the backwards cap. | Feet walking, framed by a wheelie walker. The feet are wearing white shoes and socks except for the rainbow strip at the top of the socks. | An individual with colourful, flowy, and short hair laughing, with some smile lines visible. They are wearing a seemingly space-related tank top and have a space-related tattoo on their visible shoulder. | An individual wearing a purple top, and colourful backpack straps. They are wearing dark sunglasses and a black cap with a knitted rainbow sewed on the front. They have no visible hair under their hat. | Wide view of all the individuals walking towards the camera, chatting to each other. | A close up of Jess, talking to the camera. | The group is walking around a fountain, chatting and laughing. | A view from behind of the two individuals with ColourFull Abilities t-shirts.

The video finished with the image becoming a little grainy and sepia. Six people are looking at the camera with their hands in the air saying “Wish you were here! Happy World Pride!”. The image of them zooms out, showing a white border.

The last frame is of the group of individuals walking across River Torrens Footbridge, in the same sepia and graininess as the last image, with the words “Adelaide, SA” and “Kaurna” over the top in bold colours, providing a postcard aesthetic. /End Description]