Colorado Printing Project

The Colorado Printing Project is an open source skunkworks and microfactory based in Sheridan, Colorado.



Good ideas can do the most good when they are shared freely. All Colorado Printing Project research and products will comply with the Free-Libre-Open-Source ethos outlined by the Open Source Hardware Association, more information available here.


The Colorado Printing Project will leverage the unique strengths of similarly minded companies and developers in order to bring innovative, open source products to life as quickly as possible.


In order to bring the most innovative products to the market, production batches will be limited in number.

Current Products :

Twoolhead: the twoolhead is a parallel printing toolhead capable of doubling (or quadroupling) the output of LulzBot(R) TAZ 5 and 6 3D printers*. The twoolhead is currently on sale through Crowd Supply!

Current Research :

JustRightStruder: the justrightstruder is a parallel printinghigh output printhead capable of doubling the output of LulzBot(R) mini, TAZ 5 and 6 3D printers*. The JustRightStruder is currently in the early testing phase, and is designed primarily in the open source programs freecad and blender.

Microcluster: The microcluster is a modular printer enclosure system designed to make it easy and fast to build a 3D printing cluster of any size.

*LulzBot is a registered trademark of Aleph Objects, Inc.