Federal Era Watches

See COLONIAL ERA for the earliest watches and AMERICAN INNOVATION for rare examples of early watchmaking

The total number of early watchmakers working in America compared to makers working in England or on the continent was extremely small and surviving examples of American-signed watches are few. Repair records for Jedediah Baldwin, who was once an apprentice for the renowned maker Thomas Harland (Norwich, CT), and then continued in the trade working in Connecticut and New Hampshire survive from 1793 to 1810. Two hundred years ago, only 35 of the 2,000 watches that he serviced, or approximately 1.5 percent, were signed by an American maker/retailer.

Pearsall & Embree (NY) Circa 1786-87

Ephraim Clark (PA) Circa 1791-92

Effingham Embree (NY) Circa 1793-94

Aime Brandt (PA) Circa 1800

Thomas Harland (CT) Circa 1793-94

John Cairns (RI) Circa 1795

Moses Morse (NH) Circa 1803

Leslie & Price (PA) Circa 1794-95

Robt. Leslie & Co. (MD) Circa 1796-97

Stephen Van Wyck (NY) Circa 1795-96

Caleb Wheaton (RI) Circa 1796-97

Thomas Demilt (NY) Circa 1795-96

Nathaniel Hawxhurst (NY), Circa 1796-97

Asa Whitney (NY) Circa 1805-06

S. G. Jones (MD) Circa 1818-19

William Keith (MA) Circa 1826-27

B&E Clark (PA) Circa 1815

Jesse Smith (MA) Circa 1840

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