American Innovation

See FEDERAL ERA for turn-of-the-century watches and COLONIAL ERA for rare examples of early watchmaking

Few watches were made or finished in America. Luther Goddard made watches from about 1803 to 1817 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and his operations was well documented by Timothy Keith, his one-time apprentice. But earlier makers paved the way decades before; colonial makers advertised their locally made watches and ability to fabricate just about any watch part for the trade in advertisements dating back to the 1750's. This section highlights some of the earliest known watches made in America, the true beginnings of the American watch industry.

Thomas Harland (CT) Circa 1793-94

Henry Voight (PA) (coming soon)

Moses Morse (NH) Circa 1803

Asa Whitney (NY) Circa 1805-06

Interesting & Unusual Watches from later in the 19th Century

G.P. Reed (MA) Circa 1851

Bliss & Creighton (NY) Circa 1853

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