Yoga Therapy

What Is Yoga Therapy?

·Yoga Therapy is an empowering new way to identify, transform and eliminate behaviors and attitudes that bring about stress in everyday life.

·Yoga Therapy is an adaptation of yoga practices for people with health challenges or who want to improve their mental, physical and emotional health.

·Yoga Therapy prescribes specific postures, breathing exercises, mantras and relaxation techniques to suit individual needs.

·Yoga Therapy is an evolving practice, one driven by the client’s self-awareness and growth in the practice of Yoga.

·Yoga Therapy draws on CranioSacral, and Access Consciousness techniques for a comprehensive lifestyle approach toward physical wellness, psychological attitudes (self-knowledge), mental stillness (relaxation, meditation), and spiritual centeredness (cultivating personal beliefs).

Age-Specific Yoga



Conditions Helped with Yoga Therapy:

Attention Deficit Disorder


Emotional/Mental Conditions



Nervous System Disorders

Immune Conditions


Lyme Disease

Physical Pain

Spiritual Direction

Stress Management

System dysfunction



Digestive Ailments

Heart Disease

Weight management

Luz Shanti

Certified Access Consciousness Practitioner (CACP)

Certified CranioSacral Therapist (CCST)

Comprehensive Yoga Therapist (CYT)

Quantum Healing Practitioner (CQH)

Yoga Teacher (YT-800)

Yoga Therapy Private Rates & Workshops:

Single sessions start at $ 80

Workshops at your facility start at $350

Complementary consult for new clients!

Multiple Sessions Package Available!

*Sessions are scheduled by appointment.