Calling all Ismaili youth aged 18-25! 

Are you in need of a break from the stresses of college and work?  

Have you got questions about your faith? 

Do you want to connect with Ismaili students across the USA? 

Experience the Al-Ilm Retreat!

Southern California

When: August 23-25, 2024

Where: Pali Retreat, Running Springs, CA

Application Deadline: July 26

Frequently Asked Questions

1. WHAT is the Al-Ilm Retreat?

 The Al-Ilm Retreat is a truly transformative 3-day Ismaili youth camp that serves as the backdrop for a journey into the heart of our faith, its mystical traditions, and community. 

At Al-Ilm we invite you to embrace the art of presence and mindfulness, connect with the body and mind, engage with some of the toughest intellectual and spiritual questions of faith and be fully immersed in the search for answers as you also forge meaningful connections with fellow Ismaili Muslims, creating a community bound by shared experiences. 

As we explore the deep spirituality and mysticism of the Ismaili tradition, we will find inspiration in the serene surroundings, making each moment a canvas for self-discovery and connection. 

Join us on this extraordinary adventure where the beauty of nature intertwines with the rich tapestry of our spiritual heritage. At Al-Ilm you will learn, laugh and love, all the while creating memories that echo the wisdom of the present moment.

2. WHO is the Al-Ilm Retreat for?

Al-Ilm is for rising college freshmen, college students and recent graduates.
Anyone aged 18-25 is welcome to apply.

 The program fee is $250 and financial assistance is available 

3. HOW is the Al-Ilm Retreat structured?

 Through a series of interactive modules and sessions with an incredible team of facilitators, you'll be able to ask the questions you may never have asked, hear perspectives you may never have heard, and experience new understandings you never ever thought of.

 The Al-ilm Retreat will be structured around learning modules to engage in intellectual questioning and search, embodiment practices that will invite us to find groundedness and presence in our own selves and surroundings and a series of engaging workshop-based activities to facilitate our internalization and application of what we gain throughout the 3-days. 

4. WHERE is the Al-Ilm Retreat held?

The Al-Ilm Retreat is where adventure meets serenity in the heart of nature’s embrace! Nestled amidst towering trees and touched by the gentle breeze, our campsites across the USA are a canvas for you to explore, connect, and thrive

The Al-Ilm Retreat isn't just a destination; it’s a canvas of natural wonders waiting to be discovered. From trails in the woodlands and forests to evenings where the stars map onto the canvas of the night sky, every moment at Al-Ilm is an invitation to marvel at the beauty of Allah’s creation which surrounds us. 

Join us as we embark on a journey where the great outdoors becomes the backdrop for friendships forged and memories etched in the heart for many years to come. Welcome to a world where the beauty of nature becomes the canvas for unforgettable adventures!


Eatonton, GA

When: Jan 5-7, 2023

Where: Rock Eagle 4H Center, Eatonton, GA


Fort Worth, TX

When: Dec 21-23, 2023

Where: YMCA Camp Carter, Fort Worth, TX