Frequently Asked Questions

The start and join buttons are greyed out:

  • Your tablet may not be connected to WiFi. Make sure you are connected to WiFi, and if the problem persists be sure to try any other networks available to you (Guest, Secure, ect.). Apart from trying a different network there is no simple solution for this issue. See below for technical details on this issue.

If the game screen says "One of your team members was lost in space":

  • This means that one of the tablets disconnected from the game. Networks can be fickle so the best solution is to try playing the game again.

If you can't hear any sounds in the game:

  • Make sure the volume on your mobile device is up. Also check to see if the music note in the top right of the screen is marked out make sure to tap it to unmute it.

If upon creating a multiplayer game the app randomly crashes :

  • Please try hosting the game from a different device. We have found that this should fix the issue.

Technical Details from Wifi issue:

  • The main problem with the WiFi is that some networks have a firewall that blocks the game from being able to connect with Firebase to start and join games. More information on this problem and potential solutions can be found on the Firebase website.