About us

Collaboration Station is a cooperative Android game for 2-4 players about the International Space Station. The original release of Collaboration Station was created by Space Monkey Studio who was a multidisciplinary team of Computer Science, Animation, Music Media Production, and English undergraduate students at Ball State University. They worked alongside a faculty advisor to create an educational video game about the International Space Station, in collaboration with The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Through a grant from the Indiana Space Grant Consortium, we are able to take the original core idea and revise and rebuild it. Our team consists of three undergraduate students working with a faculty advisor. The game artist is currently working on creating and improving upon the art within the current game along with the narrative and design. The game programmer is working on the technical implementation of the game. The game educator is working on adding educational material for the game and improving access for educators. Using the T-shaped skills methodology, everyone plays a part in all aspects of game development while specializing in their respective domains.


If you have any lingering questions or any comments on the game itself feel free to leave a review on the Google Play Store.

If you have some ideas about how we can better serve you, feel free to contact the Faculty Advisor Professor Gestwicki. His personal website can be found below:

Terms of Use

All of our code is Open Source!

This means that you can view the code on our Github repository. This may be useful if you are doing research or want to know how we code certain aspects of the game.

Privacy Policy:

Collaboration Station does not use or store any personal information!