Colin P. B. Davis

Linguist    CV

I work as Associate Professor of English Language and Linguistics at Nord University in Bodø, Norway. I received a PhD in linguistics from MIT, after which I was employed in California and Germany before coming to Norway. I research linguistic theory with an emphasis on syntax, morphology, and the general principles of language that they reveal. I do this using data from English and a wide variety of other languages. All of my projects and papers, both current and previous, are listed below. My contact information and more detail about my activities can be found on my CV.

► Clausal pied-piping in Albanian: Recursion, cyclicity, and cross-clausal extraction

[Presentations: WECOL 2023]

Unifying phrase-level and word-internal ordering: Synthetic superlatives and the Final-Over-Final Condition

[Presentations: University of Potsdam colloquium, SinFonIJA 16]

The morpho-phonology of an English diminutive: Plural umlaut and late-merge in morphology

[Presentations: MFM 29, LSA 98, Olinco 2023, SLE 56, University of Leipzig colloquium]

► An anti-honorific prefix in Korean and the morpho-syntax of (im)politeness (With Hyewon Jang) 

[Presentations: ICKL 2023, SICOGG 25, SinFonIJA 16]

Doubling by movement within and from PP in Alemannic German (With David Diem) 

[Presentations: IGG 48, GLOW 46, WCCFL 41, SLE 56]

Anti-locality explains the restricted interaction of subjects and parasitic gaps

[Presentations: Colloquia at University of Minnesota and Tel Aviv University and Ben-Gurion University, IGG 48, WCCFL 41]

The unextractability of English possessive pronouns and the nature of spell-out

[Presentations: NELS 52, BCGL 14]

On parasitic gaps in relative clauses and the nature of extraction from noun phrases

[Presentations: NELS 51, LSA 95]

The interaction of clitic pronouns and parasitic gaps in a variety of Spanish (With Luis Miguel Toquero Pérez) 

[Presentations: LSA 96, CLS 58, WCCFL 40]

Cross-clausal scrambling and subject case in Balkar: On multiple specifiers and the locality of overt and covert movement (With Tanya Bondarenko)

[Presentations: WCCFL 38, LSA 95]

The morphology of case and possession in Balkar: Evidence that oblique cases contain accusative

[Presentations: WCCFL 39, WAFL 16]

► Extraposition and word order: Evidence from Wolof

[Presentations: Accepted to the cancelled ACAL 51]

What parasitic gaps reveal about overlapping paths and multiple specifier formation

[Presentations: NELS 50, WCCFL 38]

Concealed pied-piping in Russian: On left branch extraction, parasitic gaps, and discontinuous nominal phrases (With Tanya Bondarenko) 

[Presentations: FASL 27, NELS 49, LSA 93]

► The morpho-phonology of accusative and genitive case in Barguzin Buryat 

[Presentations: MFM 28, AMP 2021]

Case-sensitive plural suppletion in Barguzin Buryat: Case containment, suppletion typology, and competition in morphology

[Presentations: AIMM 4, CLS 55]

The free distribution of parasitic gaps and radical successive-cyclicity (With Patrick Elliott) 

[Presentations: LSA 95]

Further insights and inquiries into possessor extraction in English

[Presentations: University of Southern California colloquium]

The Linear Limitations of Syntactic Derivations (Doctoral dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020)

Possessor extraction in colloquial English: Evidence for successive-cyclicity and cyclic linearization 

[Presentations: LSA 93, NELS 49]

Crossing and stranding at edges: On intermediate stranding and phase theory

[Presentations: LSA 92, WCCFL 36, WAFL 14]

Mismatched suppletion in Azeri as morphology/phonology competition

[Presentations: Tu+4]

Sub-extraction asymmetries and linearization in Russian (With Tanya Bondarenko) 

[Presentations: FASL 28, CLS 55, LSA 94]

On the role of Agree in unlocking phrases for extraction (With Kenyon Branan) 

[Presentations: ACAL 49, WCCFL 36, LSA 93]

On the restricted distribution of subject heavy NP shift (With Justin Colley) 

[Presentations: LSA 94]

Order preservation in the Russian nominal phrase (With Andrei Antonenko) 

[Presentations: LSA 94]

Phase extension and case/agreement marking in Turkish nominalized clauses (With Justin Colley) 

[Presentations: WAFL 12, Tu+2]

Auxiliaries, locality, and copular allomorphy in North Azeri 

[Presentations: LSA 89, Tu+1, WAFL 12]