Colin Crowley

I'm a fifth year graduate student at University of Wisconsin -- Madison. I will be on the job market in the fall.

My advisor is Botong Wang, and I'm interested in the intersection of algebraic geometry and combinatorics, especially matroid theory.

Email: cwcrowley (at) wisc (dot) edu

Office: 416 Van Vleck Hall, Madison WI, 53706


  • The Bergman fan of a polymatroid, with June Huh, Matt Larson, Connor Simpson, and Botong Wang.

  • Hyperplane arrangements and compactifications of vector groups. In preparation.

We give an axiomatic definition of matroid Schubert varieties as equivariant compactifications of vector groups which satisfy certain properties. This perspective has many parallels to the theory of toric varieties.

  • Regeneration Trees for Polynomial System Solving, with Jose Israel Rodriguez, Jacob Weiker, Jacob Zoromski.

  • A Module-Theoretic Approach to Matroids. With Noah Giansiracusa, Joshua Mundinger. arXiv: 1712.03440

Conferences and Summer Schools

  • CA+ . Ames, IA. April, 2022.

  • CA+. Minneapolis, MN. October, 2021.

Talks and Presentations

Teaching and Mentoring