Colin R. Caret

I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in Underwood International College, a liberal arts program at Yonsei University. My primary research is in contemporary logic, epistemology, and philosophy of language, but I am also interested in the strains of skepticism and idealism found in pre-Qin Daoism and early Buddhism. Thanks to my wonderful collaborators, I currently have an Erdős number of 5. You can find a list of my publications below and more information about me at PhilPeople.



Encylopedia Entries

  • Forthcoming. "Paracomplete Logic" in The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Fieser and Dowden (eds.) and The Encyclopaedia of Logic, Bezieu (ed.), College Publications.

Journal Issues

  • Forthcoming. Special Issue: Pluralistic Perspectives on Logic. Synthese. [co-edited with Teresa Kouri Kissel]
  • 2017. Book symposium on Graham Priest’s One. International Journal of Philosophical Studies 25.4.