Interested in purchasing

  • If you contact me before reading this landing page then you are a "domainer" and unlikely to offer market value.
  • If you do read this landing page then you know the domain is available for sale - don't ask me if it is available for sale.
  • Make your offer up-front; don't ask me for my price. If your offer is within reasonable market range I will respond.
  • Not sure what a reasonable market price is? Check out Estibot.
  • Think Estibot is inaccurate, over-valuing, or otherwise wrong? Don't bother arguing your perspective with me.
  • College project or start-up with no money? Too bad, it costs what it costs.
  • Money $USD transfer only, no financing, no equity, no trades, no partnerships - don't bother asking.
  • Expect to cover the cost of brokerage/escrow.
  • Contact info? My whois records are up-to-date.