Colby Leachman is a young entrepreneur from Venice Beach, CA. Passionate about the evolving world of tech start-ups, he looks forwarding to launching his own business in the near future!

Career in Tech

Currently, Colby Leachman stands as a Sales Executive and Team Lead at Treez Inc. Spearheading sales and finance approaches in the innovative cannabis industry, Leachman is at the forefront of new territory. Taking on a role of leadership, he trains and manages the Sell Treez product and sales team.

Colby Leachman found his footing in the tech sphere when he took on the role of Enterprise Application Sales Representative at computer technology giant, Oracle. In his time at Oracle, Leachman was honored with recognition for his work, including the Oracle Excellence Award and RM of the Quarter (an award which he received for two separate quarters). Although he initially started working at Oracle's Boston base, he eventually relocated to California. This move has helped the young entrepreneur to embrace his interest in tech start-ups, an area in which he is building his career and establishing his name.

Colby Leachman Oracle
Colby Leachman Treez Inc.
Colby Leachman Surfing

Since moving to Venice Beach, CA, Colby Leachman has fully embraced the area's two most prominent scenes: start-ups and surfing. Now, he hits the beach multiple times a week! For Leachman, the experience is as much about relaxation and leisure as it is about taking on a challenge. In his view, keeping active benefits him both physically and mentally. After closing major projects at work, he enjoys celebrating by catching waves at local beaches and planning out surfing trips both near and far. Over the years, he has taken on challenging surfs in California, Alaska, Nicaragua and New Zealand.

Now considered a local in his own right by fellow surfers, Colby Leachman feels in his element while surfing. He looks forward to perfecting his skill and also hopes to compete in amateur competitions in the Venice Beach area soon!