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Coinspot Login - Coinspot Login Australia

Coinbase login: Australia’s most trusted crypto exchange platform-Coinspot is serving crypto trading services with instant delivery and easy-to-use features. You can use this platform to buy cryptocurrencies and convert them to your local currency. Coinspot offers a referral amount worth $10, in case you refer it to someone. On this platform, you can buy almost all types of cryptocurrencies. Like other crypto trading platforms, Coinspot also asks to create a Coinspot login account to access its trading services and features.

Anyone by visiting the Coinspot sign-up page can create a new account easily by proving the details that are asked in the sign-up form. Once you finish the account creation process, you are allowed to log in to your account by providing the username and password details. So, if you are also looking for a way to sign for a Coinspot account or the way to access the Coinspot login account then you need to refer to this post.

Things you to sign up for a Coinspot account

To sign up for a new account on Coinspot, you need to provide the details like name, email address, password, and referral code (optional). Your account password must be at least 8-digit including the alphanumeric and special characters. If your password is strong enough then you can be sure about the safety of your account. Coinspot suggests providing an email address that is accessible as you will need to find the email address that includes the verification code sent by Coinspot. If you have all these details then go through the next section to sign up for a new Coinspot account.

Method to sign up for a Coinspot account

The Coinspot account sign-up process is and quick. You can easily complete it by providing the details that are asked on the registration page. Make sure to enter the details correctly to avoid any type of issue or delay in the Coinspot account creation process. Now, using a browser on your device follow the steps that are given below to set up a Coinspot account:

  • Launch a preferred web browser on your mobile or computer

  • Type Coinspot sign up in the search bar and press Enter

  • Visit the sign-up page to start the account setup process

  • Type your name, email, password, and referral code (if any)

  • Complete the human verification process

  • Tap the create account button to move to the next page

  • When asked, provide the OTP to compete for the security verification process

  • Get the code and type in the required fields

  • Then, tap the login button available here

Note: Coinspot password should be at least 8-digits and it must include alphanumeric and special characters. A strong password helps to protect your account from fraudsters.

Way to access the Coinspot profile

Once you finish the account setup process, accessing the Coinspot login account becomes easy. Go through the simple steps described below to access the Coinspot account:

  1. Go to the webpage

  2. Locate the login page

  3. Enter the username details

  4. Then, type the Coinspot account password

  5. Hit ‘Login’ button to access your account

How to verify the Coinspot ID?

To deposit or withdraw your funds, it is very important to complete the verification. However, the way to complete the Coinspot ID verification process is pretty easy. All you need do is, approach the steps that are given below:

Note: Make sure to provide a clear and high-quality photo of IDs that are asked to verify the account. Otherwise, Coinspot may reject your request to verify the account.

  1. Visit the Coinspot identity verification page

  2. Type your full name

  3. Enter the date of birth details

  4. Type the address of your resident carefully

  5. Provide the photo of a valid identification card or passport with the proof of address

  6. Now, upload your passport size photo

  7. Wait up to 24 hrs. and let Coinspot verify the uploaded documents

  8. Finally, you have verified the Coinspot account identity

Is Coinspot Safe?

Yes, of course. Coinspot is a trusted platform and this is being used by thousands of people around us. You can safely trade crypto using the Coinspot login account. Its security team is working 24/7 to ensure the safety and security of users' accounts and money. People of Australia can use this platform without worrying about anything.

How to reset the Coinspot account Password

People who are facing issues in accessing the Coinspot login account as they have forgotten the password of your account need to go through the Coinspot password reset steps that we have described below:

  1. Visit the Coinspot Login Page

  2. Choose the ‘Forgot Your Password’ option

  3. On the password reset page, enter the username details

  4. Complete the human verification process

  5. Tap ‘Email Password Reset’ to go to the next page

  6. Get the code that is sent to your email address

  7. Enter the code and click ‘Submit’ button

  8. Type a new password for your Coinspot account

  9. Must include alphanumeric characters in your password

  10. Tap ‘Confirm Password’ to submit the password

  11. Now, you have completed the password reset process of your Coinspot account

How to unlock the Coinspot login account?

In case your Coinspot account has been locked and you are unable to access it then you should do the following:

  • Visit the Coinspot contact us page

  • Find the Coinspot support phone number

  • Use mobile and dial the phone number

  • Connect your call with the Coinspot support agent

  • Speak the issue that you are facing with your account

  • Follow the solution that is told by the agent to unlock your account

Tips to fix Coinspot login problems

Many people are facing issues in accessing the Coinspot account, if you are also one of them then you need to approach the tips that are given below:

  • Check the internet connectivity on your mobile or computer

  • Reset the Coinspot account password

  • Clear the Coinspot app data and cache files

  • Update the Coinspot app by approaching the application store on your device

  • You can try to uninstall the Coinspot app from your device and then reinstall it to access your account

  • Use a new browser on your device

  • Try to add as a trusted website on your device

  • Clear some space from your device

  • You can also try to uninstall the unused apps from your mobile


In concluding points, Coinspot is a trusted crypto exchange platform. It makes the trading process easy and quick. To start using the Coinspot account services and features, it asks you to set up a profile. This process is not so tuff and you can easily complete the Coinspot login account setup process by approaching the steps that we have given above on this page. Make sure to verify the Coinspot account identity to start buying or selling the cryptos using it. You will love this post as we have covered almost all topics related to the Coinspot login process.