Coinbase Pro Login: Sign Up for Pro Version

Coinbase Pro is the advanced level of Coinbase exchange. This has been also devolved by the Coinbase incorporation but it comes with more trading options such as tracking the market, getting to the trading history, viewing open orders, controlling multiple portfolios, and more. Coinbase Pro login has more cryptocurrencies. On this exchange, you can buy and sell more than 150 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. This exchange has been designed for expert traders. They can observe the market trend and price of the crypto tokens with the help of this exchange. A few of the most popular crypto tokens on Coinbase Pro are BTC, ETH, ETH 2, Binance Coin, SOL, Terra, DOGE, Polygon, LTC, DAI, AXS, etc.

Apart from buying and selling cryptos, this exchange also enables the option to get cards, earn crypto via referral, wallet feature, borrow cash via cryptos, and much more. Millions of Coinbase users have switched themselves to the Pro version. Coinbase users can access this exchange with a little effort only by using the username and password details of their Coinbase account. But in case you are completely new at Coinbase Pro Login then you need to approach the path to set up your profile. Let’s get started to talk about the account setup process of the Coinbase Pro exchange.

How to get the Coinbase Pro app on an Android/iOS device?

Like Coinbase, Pro also has a mobile application that helps users in viewing the trends and market scenarios on the go. To get this application on your phone, you need to approach the steps that we have given below:

  1. From the application store, find the search box

  2. Type the ‘Coinbase Pro Login’ in it and press the ‘Search’ key

  3. Now, look at the results and click on the ‘Coinbase Pro’ icon

  4. Find the ‘Get’ or ‘Install’ button and click on it

  5. Let the store finish the downloading process

After downloading the application, you may need to allow the installation process.

Way to Sign Up for the Coinbase Pro account

By visiting the Coinbase Pro app or website, you will be allowed to create a new Coinbase Pro profile. To complete the profile creation process, you may be asked to provide the name, email, password, referral code (if any), etc. Let’s know-how to do that with the help of these steps:

  1. Go to Coinbase Pro official site

  2. Or open its mobile app on an Android/iOS device

  3. Get to the sign-up button and click on it

  4. Now, the sign-up form will be opened on your screen

  5. Submit the asked details in the required fields

  6. Then, enter the referral code, in case you have any

  7. Check the ‘Coinbase Pro terms and conditions’ box

  8. Discover and click on the ‘Create’ button

  9. Now, approach your mailbox and get the verification link

  10. Click on this link to confirm the email address

  11. Now, find and click on the ‘Get Started’ button

  12. Finally, your Coinbase Pro Login account is ready to trade

The process to Coinbase Pro login

Once you finish the Coinbase account setup process, you are good to go with the Coinbase Pro login procedure. This is quite handy and you can also access your Coinbase Pro account by approaching the steps that are stated below:

  1. Open a trusted browser of your mobile/computer

  2. Or use the Coinbase Pro mobile app to proceed

  3. On the login page, type the username and password

  4. If the details are correct, find and hit the ‘Sign in’ button

How to retrieve the Coinbase Pro login password?

Whenever you face trouble with the Coinbase Pro account password, you need to approach the path to reset the password. The complete account password reset process is given below:

  1. Go to Coinbase Pro login page

  2. Get to the ‘Forgot Password’ button, click on it

  3. Type the username or email address in the respective box

  4. Detect and click on the ‘Reset’ button

  5. Head to the mailbox of your account

  6. Get the code and enter it to prove your identity

  7. Create a new password for your Coinbase Pro account

  8. Save this password by clicking the ‘Confirm Password’ button


In short, Coinbase Pro Login exchange can be accessed after creating a profile on its website or app. By filling up the required details in the sign-up form, your Coinbase Pro login account will be ready to use. When asked, you need to provide a mobile number to enable the two-factor authentication feature in your account. Make sure to prove your identity so that you can start buying and selling cryptos using the Coinbase Pro exchange.