| Advanced Trade - Trade- Say hello to the new version of Coinbase Pro

When we talk about cryptocurrency trading on a professional level, one name that comes to our mind is Coinbase Pro. However, the platform is soon going to bid us goodbye. But, that’s certainly not a thing to worry about because we have Trade with us.

Yes, this platform is never going to let us miss the Coinbase Pro exchange because it comes with all those features and functionalities that were previously available with Pro Coinbase. However, there are some users who are still confused about this amalgamation. Therefore to help you with this, I am going to give you some in-depth details about this newly emerged platform- Coinbase Advanced Trade.

What is Coinbase advanced trade and how to use it?

Advanced trade which is an in-built of Coinbase is developed by keeping in mind the professional trading needs of the crypto investors. Once you have made enough investment and learned the basics of crypto trading, you eventually would like to switch to something more professional and of the next level. Therefore, to help you with all of that Coinbase Advanced Trade took birth.

Though it existed prior to the shutting down of Coinbase Pro, it recently it is being acknowledged on a greater level. Coming to the part, about how to use it, Coinbase Pro users do not need to sign up for a new account on Trade.

On the other hand, new users would eventually need to sign up for an account on this platform either using a new email address or by using an email ID that they have registered with on Coinbase.

Moving on, let’s now take a look at the various aspects of how you can get started on this platform in which the first step has to be creating an account on the platform. So, let’s dig into it.

Download Coinbase Advanced Trade app and sign up for it

You can either go to or download the Coinbase Advanced Trade app on your Android or iOS device. Once that is done, you can start applying the steps that are explained below:

  1. Open the main website of Advanced trade and select “Advance Now”

  2. After this, fill out the sign-up form and then, you can select the “create account” option

  3. Later on, you need to verify your email address and phone number that you have with you

  4. Post that, you have to upload your photo ID for the purpose of further verification

  5. Next up, what you need to do is link up a payment method to initiate your first trade

Creating an account on Coinbase Advanced Trade is not enough, you’ll have to sign into your account for the purpose of accessing your account and to ensure that you are ready to make your first investment in crypto.

A peep into the Coinbase Advanced Trade login process

For the purpose of signing into your account, here are the easy steps you can apply, but make sure that you enter every piece of information in a careful way:

  1. Please go to website

  2. Click the “Sign In” button on the top of the Coinbase homepage

  3. It’s time to add your email address and click the “Continue” button

  4. Moving on, please enter the login password of the Advanced Trade account

  5. Click the “Sign In” button to finally access your account

Now, take a look at the Coinbase Advanced Trade fees

Well, the platform entirely believes in the concept of maker and taker fees. Although the fee is charged for carrying out trade on this platform you will not be charged any amount to use any of the features included in it. Also, you do not have to pay a fee to get the Coinbase Advanced Trade app installed.

The fee is different when you provide liquidity and it is different when you take liquidity. In addition to that, you also need to understand that you will be charged a fee based on the tier you are at. When we compare this fee to that of the platform, we get to know that the Coinbase Advanced Trade platform charged a comparatively less fee for a high volume of trade.

Also, when we talk about the Coinbase advanced trading stop loss, this feature helps you in safeguarding yourself from any kind of unexpected losses.

Tips to overcome Coinbase Advanced trading issues

First of all, you need to understand that every digital platform comes with some issues- technical or other. However, despite getting worried about these issues, you should know how to tackle them. So, in this part of the article, I’ll be walking you through a few issues that users had been facing on a regular basis:

Coinbase Advanced Trade not working

Usually, this error is caused when the Trade website is not working or you have some issues with the internet connectivity. On the other hand, if you are using this platform through the app, then it is possible that the error is caused due to the outdated version of the app.

Coinbase advanced trade something went wrong

According to experts, this error message is a result of insufficient funds in your account or that you have crossed the minimum or maximum order limit. Additionally, the error could take place if you go on to cancel or updating an order. In such a case, you are suggested to reach out to the customer support team for assistance.


The article talks about the details that you must be aware of if you are going to start your journey with Trade. Here, we have talked about the steps to sign up on the platform, the login steps, and so much more. For more information about the same, please visit or refer to the FAQs section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to access advanced trading on Coinbase?

You can either, sign into your Coinbase account and go to the “Advanced Trade” section from there or you can navigate directly to the -Trade site and sign up for an account. If you are already using Coinbase Pro, then you need not get registered for a separate account.

Is Coinbase advanced better than Coinbase Pro?

With some additional security and trading features, Coinbase Advanced Trade won the battle of performance. In addition to that, the advanced platform also has some additional reward feature included in it for making its users happier.

How do I withdraw from Coinbase advanced trading?

If you wish to transfer or withdraw your funds from Coinbase Advanced Trade, first you need to sign into your account at Trade and click on the "Transfer Funds" option on the blue banner of the exchange. After that, you can select the "Withdraw" option and then click on the "All Portfolios" option. Once that is done, choose the transfer destination and select "Withdraw".

Does Coinbase advanced trading have fees?

The Coinbase advanced trade platform works on the maker-and-taker fee model. If you are taking liquidity then you will be charged a different fee as compared to the fee when you provide liquidity. Although using the platform or downloading its app is completely free, you will eventually need to pay a gas or network fee to use its trading features.