Coinbase Pro Login – Bitcoin & Crypto Trading

How to sign up for Coinbase?

Signing up for Coinbase is very easy, just follow whatever is written here:

  • Enter the website

  • Use your Play Store or App Store to have the Coinbase app

  • Reach the homepage of Coinbase and select “Sign Up”

  • On the sign-up page, enter your first name, last name, and email address

  • Choose a unique password for your Coinbase account

  • This would be the password for Coinbase login

  • Agree to the given terms and click “Create account”

  • Note down the credentials for logging in

  • Complete the account verification

  • Upload the documents and set up a payment method

Coinbase login - A stepwise guide

  • Enter the official Coinbase pro login portal

  • Input the email address and password

  • Choose the option to stay signed in

  • Click on the “sign-in” button

  • If you see an incorrect password error, enter your Coinbase login password once more

Coinbase Login vs Coinbase Pro Login

Many people are confused to find out that Coinbase and Coinbase Pro login are two different exchange platforms. But, they are actually the two sides of the same coin. Coinbase is a simple, basic, and beginner’s-friendly platform. On the other hand, Coinbase Pro is something that is suitable only for experienced traders who are well-versed with the how-to using the Coinbase platform. Whether it is buying and selling crypto or making investments in digital assets, Coinbase Pro will give you high-end features to trade. However, if you are starting from scratch, you will find Coinbase more convenient.

Why can’t I log in to Coinbase?

Logging in to Coinbase requires you to follow a set of steps that you might find a little difficult if you are doing it for the first time. So, here are the things you can try to get into your account successfully:

  • Re-check the Coinbase login credentials

  • Try entering another password or reset it

  • If you have enabled 2FA, please get the necessary things ready

  • Only use the official website or app to log in

  • Avoid sharing your password with anyone

  • Coinbase login is easy if you use a speedy network connection on your device

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I reset my Coinbase password?

To reset your Coinbase login password, go to the password reset page, and then you need to enter your email address that is registered with Coinbase. After this, you need to click on the “reset password” option and you will get the reset link. Type the new password that you wish to keep and save it.

2. Why can’t I log into Coinbase?

If you are having trouble logging in or you cannot complete the 2-factor verification, then you need to check if the entered Coinbase login details are correct. Apart from this, you also need to ensure that the Coinbase app you are using is updated or not. If you are logging in through an app, please use the latest version of Chrome.

3. How do I get my two-step verification code for Coinbase?

If you have linked your phone number to complete the two-step verification, then you will immediately get the OTP to log in as soon as you enter the Coinbase login password. This code is sent to you via text SMS and you need to use this code within the shortest possible time. Note: Visit coinbase pro login for more information.

4. How do I get my Coinbase account back?

If you could not access your Coinbase account and wondering how to get it back, you will need to go to the Coinbase password reset page and enter the password recovery email address in the box. Thereafter, you will receive the password reset email by tapping on which you will be able to reset your password. For more queries, you can visit Coinbase pro login

5. Can I have two Coinbase accounts?

If you already have a Coinbase account and wish to have one more account, then you cannot have it. The same Coinbase login account details can be used to log in to Coinbase Pro and access its services. For using Coinbase Pro, you do not need to open a new account.