Informal Presentations

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  • Attention Approximates Sparse Distributed Memory
    Trenton Bricken, Cengiz Pehlevan

  • Autistic individuals show absence of early prediction-related errors in motor skill learning
    Isaac Treves, Jon Cannon, Eren Shin, John Gabrieli, Pawan Sinha

  • Can we use transformer models to drive language regions in the brain?
    Greta Tuckute, Mingye Wang, Elizabeth Lee, Martin Schrimpf, Noga Zaslavsky, Ev Fedorenko

  • Contextual Flexibility Guides Efficient Communication in a Cooperative Language Game
    Abhilasha A. Kumar, Ketika Garg, Robert D. Hawkins
    CogSci 2021
    [paper] [video]

  • Discrete Word Embedding for Logical Natural Language Understanding
    Zilu Tang, Masataro Asai
    KEPS Workshop at ICAPS 2020
    [paper] [video]

  • Dissociating grammar learning from sequence learning in a sequence learning task
    Amir Tal, Eli Vakil
    Scientific Reports, 2021 [paper]

  • Do You Know What I Know? Children Use Informants’ Beliefs About Their Abilities to Calibrate Choices During Pedagogy
    Ilona Bass, Elise Mahaffey, Elizabeth Bonawitz
    CogSci 2021
    [paper] [video]

  • Drawing from the Mind’s Eye: The Development of Drawing Ability in Sight-Restored Children
    Sharon Gilad-Gutnick, Anna Musser, Matt Groth, Pragya Shah, Priti Gupta, Pawan Sinha
    VSS 2021

  • Eye Movement Traces of Linguistic Knowledge
    Yevgeni Berzak, Roger Levy
    CogSci 2021