Cognitive Spring Break

Cognitive Science meets the humanities and arts: building the next generation

11 - 13 May, 2020 - Osnabrueck University, Germany


Given the many uncertainties surrounding the spread of Covid-19 the Organising Committee, together with the President of the University of Osnabrück, have decided to cancel the spring school.

We are very sorry that we cannot have our meetings as planned. I am sure many of you were already making plans and we were so much looking forward to welcoming you to Osnabrück in May. But we hope you understand that public safety must be our top priority and that the only chance to slow down the spread is to avoid personal contact.

All fees that have already been wired will be reimbursed.

The mission

The human mind is studied from two different fields - on the one hand, the ‘traditional’ arts and humanities and on the other hand, the ‘modern’ cognitive science.

The key idea of this spring school is that any future collaboration between these two fields will only be possible if the next generation of scholars in the arts, humanities, and cognitive sciences is trained in such a way that they can understand, appreciate and engage in the work that is being carried out in this fundamentally interdisciplinary field.

To facilitate the growth of this new generation of scholars, the spring school will offer a variety of courses taught by world leading experts in the arts, the humanities, and the cognitive sciences that will showcase current and state-of-art research in the respective fields.

Students are encouraged to explore new fields and lines of study outside their usual expertise in order to truly benefit from this interdisciplinary experience.

The Spring School will be held between two international conferences:

(Participation in one of the two conferences is included in the registration fee to the spring school.)

For any questions contact us at

The spring school is organized by the Institute of English and American Studies of Osnabrueck University.

The Crew

(our workshop organizers)

Marion Behrens

Clinical Neuro-psychology at the Universitäts-klinikum Frankfurt

Amy Cook

Professor of Shakespeare, Theatre History & Cognitive Theory at Stony Brook University

Emine Gürbüz

Department of Psychology at Durham University

Thomas Hoffmann

Professor of Linguistics at Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

Albert Newen

Professor of Philosophy at Ruhr Universität Bochum

Pascal Nicklas

Department of Microscopic Anatomy and Neuro-biology at the University Medical Center Mainz and Comparative Literature Department, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz