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Scotland and England 2024

A month on Great Britain: London, York, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Manchester... here are some of my photos from this year's journey.

Wales, England, and Scotland 2023

Here are a few of the photos I took this year.  I accidentally stripped out all the geolocation data, so I'll have to figure out how to fix that :-(

Ireland, Scotland, and England 2022

Northern Ireland

A perfect day along the Northern Ireland coast

The Prime Meridian

At Greenwich Royal Observatory, I got to stand on the Prime Meridian, at Solar Noon, on the Summer Solstice

Sycamore Gap, UK

This tree stood for hundreds of years but was maliciously felled in September 2023

Failed 2020 Photo-a-Day Project

My goal was to post one photo a day in 2020, and that definitely didn't happen.  Here's the album I'm building.  Some were good and some weren't!  I ran out of steam sometime in June, but the pandemic certainly did not help.  Sigh.

Ireland & UK 2019

Click here to enjoy my photos from 2019: Dublin, Belfast, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, and London.

Ireland & UK 2018

Click here for my top photos from Europe 2018: Dublin, Holyhead, Liverpool, Manchester, and London.


Kinderdijk, Netherlands

Koln Cathedral

Köln, Germany


Stonehaven, Scotland

Europe 2017

Some of my favorite photos from 2017: London, Brussels, Köln, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Manchester, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen.

Europe 2015

Coming soon, photos from Manchester, London, Köln, Berlin, and Prague.

Europe 2014

Here are my photos from Manchester, London, Rotterdam, Köln, Munich, and Prague.