My Photos

2020 Photo-a-Day Project

My goal is to post one photo a day in 2020. Or at least every other day. Here's the album I'm building. Some will be good and some won't!

Ireland & UK 2019

Click here to enjoy my photos from 2019: Dublin, Belfast, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, and London.

Ireland & UK 2018

Click here for my top photos from Europe 2018: Dublin, Holyhead, Liverpool, Manchester, and London.


Kinderdijk, Netherlands

Koln Cathedral

Köln, Germany


Stonehaven, Scotland

Europe 2017

Some of my favorite photos from 2017: London, Brussels, Köln, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Manchester, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen.

Europe 2015

Coming soon, photos from Manchester, London, Köln, Berlin, and Prague.

Europe 2014

Here are my photos from Manchester, London, Rotterdam, Köln, Munich, and Prague.