Magic Spots

In this challenge your job is to code your Sphero to pass through several "Magic Spots" and avoid other "Deadly Spots."


  1. For every magic spot your sphero passes through, your group will get 500 points
  2. For every deadly spot your sphero passes through, your team will lose 1000 points.
  3. The final spot is a target. The closer your sphero stops to the center of the target, the more points your team will earn, up to a maximum of 1500 points.
  4. This is also a timed event. The faster your time, the more points you score, as long as your Sphero passes through all the magic spots and lands on the final target.
  5. The spots are numbered and must be completed in order to count.
  6. If your sphero falls off the table, you lose 2000 points.