Making A Robot

Micro:Bit Final Project

For this project you will be using the knowledge you have gained throughout this term to build your very own robot, game or musical instrument. To the left are some examples of the types of things you might want to do.

Project Criteria:

  • Your project must have several different circuits
  • It must use at least three different output devices in the Micro:bit kit (LED's, Speakers, Servos or DC Motors)
  • It must make use of at least 3 different input devices (buttons and motion sensor, or ultrasonic sensor)
  • Your code must demonstrate your understanding of how to control the different input and output devices using the Micro:bit
  • You must complete the Project Planning Page prior to starting your build
  • It must include a holder for the Micro:bit, with button access, and a holder for the battery pack
  • Must include a picture of the game, robot or instrument on FreshGrade, along with a screenshot of your code and an explanation of how it works.