Flashing LED Lights


To create a circuit with 3 different coloured L.E.D. lights that are programmed to flash on and off at different times. You will need to build the circuit and the code. Once you have done this you will improve the code by making it "younique" and special.


  1. Start by building the circuit. Watch the video to see how the circuit is put together. Make sure you have the legs of of the LED going in the right direction or it will not light up. Make sure you follow the diagram exactly, or your circuit will not work.
  2. The diagram does not include the SparkFun Breakout Board. Insert the breakout board pins into breadboard very carefully into row A. Insert the Micro:Bit into the SparkFun Breakout Board.
  3. You will need one jumper wire and 3 LED lights (Red, Green and Yellow).
  4. Create the sample code to get the circuit working.
  5. Improve the sample code by getting it to do something different, "younique" and special.
  6. Post your code to FreshGrade and take a video of your circuit in action.