Controlling Two Servo Motors

Servo motors are the type of motor that allows can be programmed to move a precise number of degrees. Most rotate slowly and are used where precision is needed. For example they can control the steering wheels in a remote control car. They would not be usually be used to power the car.


  • To build a circuit that allows you to control two servo motors.
  • To build a code that allows for the servo motors to be rotated left and right.

You will need:

  • breadboard (in your kit)
  • 4 alligator wires
  • 8 jumper wires
  • two servo motors (in your kit)


  • build the circuit as shown (note that you will need to alligator wires to connect the Micro:bit to the jumper wires and then to the breadboard) - if this does not make sense, see Mr. Heinrichs ;)
  • build the example code
    • you will need to "add a package" on the Micro:bit coding website called kitronik-servo-lite
    • change up the code and make it your own - this is a very simple code so I would expect you to make it much more complex