Helping Homeless People

Homeless Phones to Phone Home

One of the biggest challenges for the Haight Ashbury district is homeless people from other places. One of the biggest challenges for homeless people is access to modern communication tools to be able to get a job and housing and keep in touch with family.

A lot less people would be homeless if they were able to stay in touch. They could get help from their families and friends, be able to search and phone jobs, have online resumes and job seeker accounts, and learn new skills. To do that they need smart phones and wifi.

Many of us have old smart phones lying around. Donating old smart phones with wifi plan to established non-profits will help local homeless folk in the Haight get help to get home or get incomes to rent homes. Non-profits receive and distribute the phones and teach workshops on how to phone home, find and apply for jobs, and start a small business from a smart phone.

Donate your old smart phone with a wifi plan to a reputable local homeless non-profit and show them this page to explain. You can do this anywhere in any neighborhood in the world to help your local homeless people.

Get homeless people online and off the streets...