Coded History Cryptocurrency - (White Paper in Progress)

Note: We seek to work with an established cryptocurrency with low fees, fast transactions, and innovative development. For currency technical white paper stay tuned. Meanwhile below is a description on multi-functioning cryptocurrency as fiscal gaming economy.

Arcane Secrets as a Gaming Currency Economy

With the advent of social web platforms researchers started coming out from their lonely geekdoms and sharing with like minds and fans of their favorite topics. For the research content industry this was a boon of self published authors with avid fandoms on social web platforms, especially Facebook. Research of mysteries came out of the dark ages and into the 21st century with 21st century technology and what they discovered is that human civilization is a lot older and more interesting than school history books and Hollywood tell us.

But more recently social media platforms have changed their polices and now these researchers have a lot fewer places, if any, to share their long hours and years of research work and content. Yet there is a huge market for alternative history and archaeology books, documentaries, movies, and games. People have always been fans of topics such as the Knights Templars, ancient temptresses, pirates, pyramids, and mythical mysteries and always will be. It’s where artists and movie makers, architects and designers, and even scientists and mathematicians get ideas for their art, movies, animations, buildings, games, and solutions of all different kinds.

At the same time researchers, movie makers, artists, authors, and game designers in the 21st century need incomes, social media platforms, networking, contract systems to do business, and a global currency and financial system. That’s just the content creators, the users, just one part of the market. The other part of the market is the game player, the viewer, the user.

The Holy Grail of this collective information currency is the Holy Grail, the lost histories of the world and lost identities of people we now only know as myth and folklore.

Within the Coded History game ecosphere the player goes on different journeys and multiple games within a game, such as augmented reality. Learning secrets as rewards and recalling secrets later in the game as challenges to earn points. They also earn points from pirate battles on the sea, Knights Templar battles in the desert, and Roman, Celtic, and Viking battles in Europe and more. Along the way the player and viewers gets exposure to different content creators, which they can can up-like with game currency. To pay researchers and enrich the viewer and player experience e-books and apps and lectures by content creators, users, in virtual world are also available.

In game mode players earn points by up-liking and answering questions correctly and for direct hits in battles. Symbols in local architecture and monuments or streets are location triggers for players to learn secrets that they can use to answer questions to earn points in the game. When certain different amounts of points are earned a new augmented reality secret is made available.

In multiplayer competition games the player or team that gathers the most points in a set amount of time or the entirety of a specific game within a game is champion. Game viewers can purchase game currency and use it to up-like and place wagers on their favorite players and teams. Multiplayer battles can be AR web-casted at multiple locations for pay-to-view to watch outdoors. For example to watch and place bets on a life size animated Viking battle in your local park, or pirate ship battle on a local lake, or a rumble between Druids and Romans on a college football field. Winning gamers get a cut of the pay-to-view income.

The game’s income is from micro crowdfunding from each game currency transaction. The game currency’s generation and circulation is from the game’s micro economy and multiple transactions. Viewers can have even more fun with dressing up in cosplay and attending the games as role play.

Coded History is a book and game about secrets. It is a board game and an AR game with role play. Within the Coded History community ecosphere are content providers, costume artists and people who provide game content, services, and products, such as ebooks and tour apps. The Coded History Crypto Currency is both a crowd funding solution for the Coded History game project and her content providers and part of the interactiveness of the game ecosphere.

What is a Cryptocurrency?

“A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrencies are classified as a subset of digital currencies and are also classified as a subset of alternative currencies and virtual currencies. Cryptocurrencies use decentralized control as opposed to centralized electronic money and central banking systems.The decentralized control of each cryptocurrency works through a blockchain, which is a public transaction database, functioning as a distributed ledger.”

What other uses do cryptocurrencies have?

Cryptocurrencies are not just another form of money. Because they are a digital contract they can be used for agreements between two parties. For examples employment contract or real estate escrow or international financial services and crowd funding. As new forms of business evolve in the digital world so will the need for different kinds of digital contracts and digital currency functionality. Coded History's cryptocurrency combined with role play game infrastructure puts Coded History in a position to take on the future with free reign for innovative development.

Coded History Coin Functionality

  • Transferable Assets
  • Game Currency for Role Play
  • Escrow for real world transactions.
  • Contracts for business and other agreements.
  • International finance transfers.
  • Private financial and merchant transactions.
  • Promoting real world causes.
  • Augmented reality pay to view.
  • User created e-commerce shops.
  • Cause fund raising.
  • Crowd funding.
  • Mining.
  • Venture capital.

Coded History Coin Creation

Coins or tokens can be created with fiat payment. Free instruction will be provided to members on how to mine some coins with their own computers and smartphones.

Distribution - Use of Coin

Allowing people to mine some coins and publish regular updated lists of merchants who take the coins. Game players will have a constant use for the coins in the Coded History role play and game ecosphere. Real artisans create role play costumes and accessories in real world and augmented reality and researchers and authors host online lectures, documentary screenings, and workshops. Discussion groups are virtual coffee shops and meetup places for players to interact and make friends and to help develop further uses and functionality for the game and the coin.

What is a currency?

A currency is something that two or more parties agree to the value of and trade according to that agreed value. There does not need to be any form of central regulation, providing that all involved parties agree to the value and parameters of the transactions.

How can a deregulated currency help people?

A deregulated currency can dissolve barriers that prevent people from improving their lives. Even in so-called First World countries such as the USA people are limited by their identity or the content they create, neighborhood they live in, gender, or race. A deregulated currency and contract system that doesn’t judge where accounts are from alleviates this. “The strength of the Ethereum platform is that the decentralized organization and the escrow contract do not need to care about what kind of account each party to the contract is.” Page 14 Ethereum White Paper

How can a cryptocurrency be used within a game ecosphere?

A cryptocurrency within a role play game ecosphere can be used like a normal fiat currency. People have products or services for sale and use the cryptocurrency to receive payment and use their role play characters for identity. Causes can raise money using fun characters and experiential situations. Members can also earn currency for interesting posts they make, similar to posting to social media, but get paid for it. In a virtual world where privacy is protected and researchers get paid to speak freely about what they love there will be more motivation for new and innovative research and revealing hidden histories.

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