Anu Bandjilam

Exploring the Dreamtime

Stories written in Native Australian symbols as a language. Created by artist and art historian, Anu Bandjilam from the Bundjalung region of East Coast Australia. Each artwork speaks of ancient spirits and gods and people living naturally with the land. The stories also talk of lost histories and global cultures that school history books don’t talk about. Anu creates prints and paintings on canvases with designs that are older than history.

Rainbow Serpent

Native Australian creation spirit. The serpent creation spirit is found all over the ancient world. The snake is often connect with water as the source of life. Saint Patrick chased the snakes of Ireland into the sea. It is an allegory for evicting the last of Ireland’s indigenous peoples from the island. The Australian Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent is the oldest snake spirit incarnation… or incantation. You can get the Rainbow Serpent on masks and gifts at


Ancestral spirits from the Kimberley Mountains in northern Australia. In rock art they have white skin and light colored hair. The Kimberleys were a gold mining region. Around the world there are ancient stories of white people who settled in different lands. Each location happens to be a gold mining region. The White Mummies of China and Chachapoya of Peru are two more examples. The ornate headdresses depict an advanced culture. Pre and early Bronze Age ancestor iconography is almost identical to the Wandjina. Bronze Age European cultures were known for gold smithing and intricate gold crafts. You can get the Wandjina on masks and gifts at

Artist Profile

Anu has a long career in fine arts of different mediums including fashion, theatre, media and fine art. Born in Brisbane, Queensland, and trained in fashion and dance in Melbourne, Victoria, and fine art in London, England. Exhibited works in the USA, Germany, Finland, India and at the Royal Academy in London, UK. Anurag and friends lobbied for and saved a desecrated Aboriginal sacred site in Byron Bay for an open air arts venue.

Art Historian and Fine Artist

  • Born Brisbane Australia 1963

  • Studied performing arts, Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne.

  • Apprenticed in high-end fashion Melbourne

  • Special mention Australian Fashion Awards

  • Studied Fine Art Heatherleys, London UK

  • Exhibited work at the Royal Academy London UK

  • Traveled India, Nepal, Morocco, Bali, Ibiza, France, Ireland, UK, USA

  • Intern FM Radio, 4ZZZ FM, Queensland Australia

  • Lobbied and saved Native Australian Sacred site, Byron Bay Australia

  • Co-founded open air arts venue, Byron Bay Australia

  • Exhibited in London UK, Colone Germany, Byron Bay Australia and San Francisco USA.

  • Managed arts and music festivals, contract, San Francisco USA

  • Fine art and design, contract, San Francisco USA

  • Currently based in Haight Ashbury San Francisco USA

  • Research and write for arts and entertainment B2B magazine

  • Works in in Acrylic, Oil and graphite in various styles in modern and ancient iconography.

Name Etymology

Anu Bandjilam is a combination of Sanskrit and Bundjalung of South East Queensland Northern New South Wales and translates to English as “The moment before the butterfly”.

Other Translations

  • Anu = Before - Original

  • Band = A strap to wrap around something = elastic on the masks:)

  • Jil = Youthful

  • Am = Immortal


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