Chrome Extensions

By Anurag Rana

Porn Blocker  (SOLD to a Healthcare company in USA)

Web store Link:

This is a chrome extension which when installed on your chrome browser will not let you access the porn sites. 

Everytime someone tries to access a pornsite, it will silently redirect to amazon shopping site (default redirection hardcoded) and will log the time of access. 

Around 325 porn websites are blocked by this extension. More sites will be added in upcoming versions. 

It will also log the time and porn sites access. This chrome extension is very light weight (120KB only) and will not hamper your browsing experience. 

Important : 

A transparent image has been used as icon (next to address bar ) so that user remain oblivious of this extension. In addition to this pseudo-security-feature you can hide this icon (Hiding an invisible icon) [ because it is invisible but still occupy space] .

Right click the invisible icon and click on 'Hide in chrome menu'.

Ironman New Tab Wallpapers

Web store Link: 

Displays Ironmap wallpaper everytime you open a new tab.

Json Borne : JSON validator and formatter

Web store Link:

This is a chrome app. You can validate, beautify or flatten your JSON object using this app.

Replace Image and Text

Link: private

This extension can be used to replace any image from the web page with the new image. Similarly replaces all the occurances of selected text with the new text.

Please check the gif below.

Mute-Unmute all tabs

Web store link:

This extension is used to mute or unmute i.e. toggle the sound setting of all opened tabs in chrome browser in  single click.
Icon is changed. (Speaker On icon when tabs are not muted, Speak Off icon when all tabs are muted)
Title is changed. (Mute all tabs and Unmute all tabs respectively)

Check the below gif.