Co-Creation Workshop

The first workshop on co-creation will be hosted in Atlanta, Georgia at the International Conference on Computational Creativity on June 19, 2017. Co-creation is a new interdisciplinary research topic that asks questions related to human-computer interaction, computational creativity, and cognitive science. It investigates how two or more agents interact to produce emergent meaning and artifacts in a participatory process of meaning building (i.e. participatory sense-making). We invite researchers and creative practitioners involved in research projects related to co-creation to participate. The workshop is designed to discuss and share technical, theoretical, and empirical findings related to the unique challenges of co-creation as an application domain.

We expect a mix of technical demo papers describing (1) co-creative systems, e.g. co-creative drawing/dance/music/poetry systems, design co-creation, mixed-initiative systems, co-creative programming environments, conversational agents, etc.; (2) empirical papers investigating co-creation, such as: studies of human collaboration, models of co-creation, agent-based interactive co-creation, simulation of co-creation, interaction modalities for co-creation, etc.; and (3) cognitive theories that help design and evaluate co-creative systems, such as theories of intelligent co-creation, support for collaborative creativity, engagement principles for co-creation, etc. The workshop will emphasize engaging in hands-on co-creative activities and discussion to understand co-creation through shared experience using practice-based research methods. Attendees can expect to learn about new co-creative systems, research methods and tools for quantifying and evaluating co-creation, and cognitive theories to help understand and model co-creation. The main workshop activities include:

  • ~3 hours for participants to present and discuss submitted demo and research papers
  • An interactive demo session during which participants try out and discuss the co-creative systems
  • A data analysis activity where participants use new research methods and tools to quantify their experience with the co-creative systems at the workshop.