For the October 2017 and October 2018 contests, the voting for topic was furious and driven. "Cocktober" was both a righteous play on words and a hotly desired subject, but it never seemed to make it to first place. To alleviate that tension, the twelfth Size Riot contest is being handed over to Cocktober. Whatever the writers choose to do with that is totally up to them, and the readers had better brace themselves for a copious avalanche of cock, come November.

If you're completely new here, read up on the Size Riot phenomenon.

Theme: Cocktober.

Submitted stories must follow the following conditions.

  • You have one guess as to what the theme of Cocktober means.
  • Must incorporate size difference, but no constraints on height. This is a free-for-all.
  • All stories are assumed NSFW, but still be diligent with your tags!


  • September 1−30: Signups for Cocktober19!
  • October 1−31: Writing!
  • November 1−23: Reading and evaluating.
  • November 27: Winners announced!