Stage 2 Relaunch Procedures and Operating Guidelines

Cochrane Lanes is excited for the Stage 2 relaunch. We recognize that when we reopen there will be a new way to operate and it is important that we implement procedures and operating guidelines so our customers and staff can enjoy our facility safely and confidently. All staff must make themselves knowl-edgeable of the procedures and operating guidelines and must ensure they, other staff members and customers are following the procedures and operating guidelines to the best of their ability. A summary of procedures will include the following:


o Signs will be posted at the entrance reminding patrons that they should not enter if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been outside of Canada within the last 14 days, physical distancing in effect, cover coughs/sneezes (into elbow), and recommend custom-ers wear masks

o Signs posted in concourse and bowling areas reminder that physical distancing is in effect, floor decals and marking for flow and spacing of customer lines, advising to to wander into areas designated for other customers, and cover coughs/sneezes (into elbow).

o Signage will be posted that cashless/touchless payment are preferred and to remind to practice physical distancing.

o Physical distancing floor markings have been installed to remind guests of in‐center pro-tocols and ensure proper customer flow.

o A sign will be posted instructing patrons to wait at a designated place until a staff member instructs them where to go. If more than one party is entering at the same time they will be instructed to wait in que and maintain 2 meters distance with floor markings indicating where to stand.

o Signs are to be posted in washrooms on proper hand washing and to remind to practice physical distancing.

Work-Place Safety

o Staff will be educated on all changes to procedure and operating procedures and will be that they must adhere to guidelines for physical distancing, washing, etc, as posted. Staff will be informed of any updates.

o Staff will be asked to stay home if they have any symptoms of covid-19 and will need to confirm the same each time they sign in for work.

o Staff will be provided with the appropriate protective equipment.

o Staff will wash there hands often, before handling food and after handling cash or any other object that has been handled by a patron or other staff member.

o Workstations (control counter, bar service, or food service) worked by one staff per-son to be disinfected prior to another staff person working that station (change of shif)

o Where multiple staff members share a workstation, the area must be cleaned regu-lariy throughout the day and physical distancing to be maintained as much as possible.

o Plexiglass has been installed at all service counters to ensure the staff mem-ber and guests remain physically distanced.


o Maximum number of people allowed in the facility at any time will be 50, including staff, patrons using bowling, simulator, or restaurant/bar facilities.

o 6 people MAX per lane, including spectators.

o Preferred payment options to be touchless or cashless.

o Reservation are recommended and if a line forms that will not allow physical distancing, customers will be asked to wait outside maintaining physical distancing practices and will be called in at the appropriate time.

o When a new customer comes in, they will be asked to wait at a designated place and will be called to the front desk when it is their turn.

o Staff will direct customers to their designated lanes and provide shoes while maintaining physical distancing

o House bowling balls will not be kept on the ball return station, they will be kept in the office and issued to each group of cohorts.

§ Adults will be instructed to not allow children to play with balls on the ball return and to only use the balls they were assigned

§ House balls will be removed from the Lanes and sanitized immediately after the group of cohorts have finished.

§ At least one vacant lane is to separate each group of cohorts. Designated vacant lanes will be marked by a pylon and should not be used

§ After a group is done, they will be asked leave the ball on the ball return. Staff will remove the balls from the lane to be cleaned and disinfected.

o Sanitize the bowling area after each group has completed and before a new group is al-lowed in the area. Focus on high touch areas such as:

§ Reset buttons

§ Lane console

§ Lane counter

§ Lane benches

§ Lane chairs and stool

§ Ball return equipment

§ Children’s ball ramps (to be returned to ball ramp station)

o Rental shoes are to be returned to the designated area and will be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

o Sports Simulator - All sports equipment will be issued to patron on arrival. Customers will be instructed to leave all equipment they use in a designated area so staff can easily gather equipment to be sanitized.

o Sports Simulator - House golf clubs will be removed. Any golfing on the simulator will be required to bring their own equipment.

Restaurant and Bar Services

o Dining parties may be up to 6 patrons; no more than 6 individuals can sit at larger tables.

o There will be no walk-up service at the bar, drinks are to be ordered at the till and will be brought to patrons,

o Menus will be kept at the front desk and provided on request. Menus will be sanitized after each use

o Food/drink will be left for customer pick up or delivered by staff member maintaining social distancing.


o Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content will be provided at the entrances and in the common and bowling areas.

o CLEANING AND SANITATION: Using Health Canada, CSA or UL approved products, in-crease frequency throughout the day of sanitation, cleaning and disinfecting of all com-mon area locations and touchpoints such as (but not limited to); counter surfaces, ta-bles, public restrooms, POS systems, credit card terminals (after each use), door han-dles, telephones, pens, seating, scoring system buttons, ball returns, etc.

o No lids on garbage or recycling bins

o Vending machines, arcade games, and jukebox will be turned off and unavailable for use at least the initial part of Stage 2.

o Arcade games will be left off for at least the initial part of Stage 2.