noun | coast·og·ra·phy | \ˈkōst ä-grə-fē \

1 : the science of the coast and its interconnected social-ecological systems.

2 : the study of coastal sustainability.

Keeping the Pulse of the Coast

As part of the Environmental Science & Resource Management program at CSU Channel Islands, the Coastography Lab seeks to increase our understanding of how coastal communities can better steward their coastal resources. Click the links below to learn about our Projects and People.

Dan Reineman

I am an Assistant Professor of Environmental Science & Resource Management at CSU Channel Islands. I study the human dimensions of ocean and coastal management using interdisciplinary methods, including citizen science. My goal is to engage students and communities in understanding and sustainably managing their coastal resources.

Learn more about my work here.


Zach Adkins

The coast is one of the most dynamic aspects of life here in California and I am excited to be able to study how we can conserve it for future generations. In my free time you can find me hiking, hanging out at the beach, or cooking.

Nick Cooper

I’m studying environmental science and resource management. As a coastal resident I am excited to learn more about the changing coastline and our role in that change. In my free time I enjoy surfing and mountain biking.

Ally Lafayette

I want to spend my time researching climate change and the ocean. I grew up in and on the coast and I’m excited for the opportunity to learn about and help preserve our coastlines. When I’m not working or studying, I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and backpacking.

Mike Monak

As a surfer, I have seen or heard of too many surf breaks that have been damaged by anthropogenic forces. I am extremely excited to be working on behalf of coastal access and preservation!

Team Alumni:

Diego Sancho

Diego is a Costa Rican student currently working towards a master’s degree in coastal dynamics and management through the Earth Systems Program at Stanford University. His research interests include coastal oceanography, marine resource management, and human dimensions of climate change on coastlines. He enjoys surfing and scuba diving in his free time.