"Kathy is a superb facilitator, grounded and patient in keeping The Work moving. I enjoyed our course and would recommend it to anyone looking for an intro into Byron Katie and a new perspective on their thoughts! "


"I feel a shift in me after Kathy's workshop and I want to go on with The Work. I want to do another workshop. This is really helpful to free me up and be more real and happy"

E R Netherland

"The Work is useful for my personal development, social skills, developing communication skills and self awareness. The technique helped me expand my perspective and world view, it also provided healing of some past experiences."

JS London

"Kathy has helped me understand The Work. Helped me become more focused and I look forward to experiencing the world from a seemingly new perspective that was always there but I hadn't really noticed"

PW Scotland

"The work offers powerful tools that are helping me to enjoy more free communication. I look forward to new opportunities to utilize The Work. I am grateful for Kathy's passion and enthusiasm in her presentation of Byron Katie's material."

RJ Scotland

"Kathy has given me very practical tools for learning to communicate clearly and honestly. Particularly saying a clear "No"! and learning to receive criticism in an open way without defenses...Thank you"

BL England

"I am very grateful for the shifts which have taken place in my thinking as a result of working with Kathy and learning The Work. I feel much freer and lighter. Already my relationships are more loving and peaceful."

AA Scotland

"Kathy has coached me in The Work. She has given me a practical tool which I can use in my daily life and in everyday situations. One of the biggest breakthroughs for me was the notion that I can welcome thoughts and see what comes up without attaching to them."

FS London

"Kathy has been brilliant and coached me in The Work. This is an amazing tool for life that has helped me achieve a greater and deeper understanding of my own self and feelings. I can't wait to experience The Work in my daily routines."


"The Work has given me an insight into how a thought can influence my life. Kathy coached me so well. Now I know how to not believe my mind and see what is really going on is really important for me. I only need to transform my thoughts, and then everything else can transform ."

C The Netherlands

"I am learning to meet demands without fighting with them, just simply meet and laugh at them, I knew that beliefs, that mind is the source of the problem. I knew I needed to do something about it. Kathy has touched the core of change. She has given me The Work and now I can move forward in a very practical way"

S.H. South Africa