What are you complaining about in the pandemic?

Many of us have suffered, lost jobs, pivoted businesses, some have lost family members, some people still feeling the effects of long term consequences of the disease. We have all been affected to one degree or another by the pandemic. Some people may say the pandemic was a conspiracy, the virus man-made. Big pharma behind a vaccination roll-out. Whatever your thoughts just notice. Are they stressful?

And although restrictions are now lifting and many people are vaccinated, the effects of the virus are still with us and it may be a new reality that we have to live with into the future.

And one thing it seems to have done is make us complain more.

Using the format "I complain about........ because.........." here's a list to do The Work on

I complain about my government for how they handle the pandemic

I complain about people who are angry in lockdown

I complain about lockdown because it's too restricting

I complain about the restrictions because I can't travel

I complain about the virus because it's killing people

I complain about life because everything is so uncertain

I complain about cancellations because I want events to happen

I complain about the media because they have nothing but covid-19 stories

I complain about the media because they are so biased

I complain about some people because they aren't taking this seriously

I complain about some people because they are so terrified

I complain about those people because they binged on toilet paper

I complain about my sleep because it's disturbed

I complain about people who are sticking to the rules

I complain about people who are breaking the rules

I complain about the vaccines because they mix them up

I complain about people who don't want to be vaccinated

I complain about the vaccine because it's new technology and we don't know the long term effects

What are you complaining about?

Don't try to hide and pretend you don't have any complaints, write them down instead. Then you can question them with The Work and find your true freedom on the other side.

Complaining is one of the mind's favourite sports, it's just what the mind does, whether there is a pandemic or not, the mind complains.

See if you can catch your complaints....

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