Watch the video and then I invite you to take any one of your stressful thoughts about Covid-19 and ask yourself

Is it true?

For example at the beginning of the pandemic all the talk was of "flattening the curve" because otherwise the health care systems would collapse.

Is it true that health care systems are collapsing? When and where did you have that thought?

And you may say yes. You may say no.

And if you say yes, it is true, see where you obtained that information from, what was the source of your yes? Was it an image on a screen, was it a conversation with a friend? was it a post on facebook? Anchor yourself to an exact moment in time when you had the thought.

And from that moment - look again, were they images, words about a situation or the situation itself?

And how do you react when you believe that the health care systems (around the world) are collapsing? What happens when you believe that? Do you panic? Do you worry? Are you scared?

And is it those images or that conversation that is causing you to panic, worry and feel scared? Or is there an actual reality?

What else happens when you believe that the world's health care systems are collapsing. Do you have images in your mind of loved ones who are in distress or dying. Are those images real or imagined. Are they present moment reality or are they set in the future?

As you inquire with The Work, you can start to see that so much of your fear or worry about a situation is imagined. And that's not to deny that with Covid-19 there will not be a huge amount of work for hospitals to do. But for you? for you personally. Are you going to add to the global fear or are you going to inquire into the nature of where the source of your fear really lies?

Who would you be without your story that the world's health care systems are collapsing?

Right now. Sitting wherever you are, reading this on a screen. Feel your body. Feel the breath. Are you okay in this moment? Can you see it's the only moment you've got? Are you aware of the fear and the panic in you and can you allow it to be there, and allow all those fearful thoughts and hold yourself kindly as they pass through you? And what happens as they pass through you, as you see the source of them coming from your imagination or the collective world imagination... be who you are now without all those stories and images...

Turn the thought around

The world's health care systems are not collapsing

Seems they are getting stronger. They are pulling together. Dr's are being asked to come out of retirement. The hospitals are growing. Ventilators are being built.

My thinking is collapsing. My own internal health care system is collapsing.

Yes this maybe worth looking at in this uncertain time, what are you doing for your own health? Are you scaring yourself with too much news? Are you staying in contact with friends who uplift and support you? Are you eating well, looking after yourself? And how is your thinking collapsing. Is that not more true if you are completely wrapped up in your stressful fearful thoughts, where does that leave you to be an effective and connected parent to your child, friend to your neighbour, family member to your tribe?

The Work can leave you free to be kind to your self and others. Effective to help where help is needed. Fearless and courageous to do what is needed moment by moment. The Work is not about denying the world pandemic. It is about moving with it helpfully and effectively, being a contribution to the solutions and ways through, rather than adding to the rising fear and panic.

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